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Tattv’21 By SIOM Aims To Lead Students Into A New Era Of Operations & Supply-Chain Management



Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, is hosting its 14th National Operations Summit, Tattv’21 on the 6th and 7th of February 2021.

Tattv is SIOM’s flagship event where industry experts in the area of Operations and Supply Chain share their experiences and insights on the latest developments and business scenarios.

The theme for Tattv’21 is Supply Chain 2.0: The Phoenix in Disruption.

Supply chain networks have evolved, specialized, and have become leaner since the inception of its concept but their exposure to a breakdown was still very little and they were not quite acquainted with the just in case scenarios.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given global Supply Chains a much-required paradigm shift that will lead to the advent of a new era in operations management across all sectors.

Just as a phoenix cyclically regenerates itself from ashes, with the adaptation of technologically advanced tools and models, the world-wide supply chains will rethink, reboot, and revamp their strategy.

At Tattv’21, the event aims to gain greater insights on how these new supply chain strategies would build an anti-fragile and responsive systems and redefine themselves by absorbing the disruptions and bouncing back to come out even stronger.


SIOM invites you to engage in the event for the purposeful exchange of thoughts and information on making the supply chains future-ready. The 2-day event will feature 4 keynote speakers and 4 panel discussions.

In the morning session on 6th February, the first keynote will be delivered by Mr. Bitan Datta, MD and Partner, BCG, on the subtheme ‘Tailor-made solution for SC efficiency’.

The panel will consist of Mr. Rajendra Lora, (Co-Founder & CEO, FreshoKartz), Mr. Sushan Rungta, (CTO, AgriBazaar), who will deliberate on the subtheme ‘Reinventing India’s Food SC’.

The afternoon session keynote will be delivered by Mr. Radha Mohan Gupta, Regional Procurement Director – South Asia, Reckitt Benckiser, on the subtheme ‘Manufacturing & Consumer Behaviours: Strategies to combat volatility’.

The subsequent panel will have-

  • Mr. Aniruddha Banerjee, (Executive Committee Member & Senior Vice President, Spencer’s and Nature’s Basket),
  • Mr. Prem Ramachandran, (Senior Vice President, LF Logistics),
  • Mr. Abhishek Bhattacharya, (Vice President – Supply Chain, Reliance Jiomart),
  • Dr. Anil Chinnabhandar, (Senior Vice President, Landmark Group)

– who will discuss the subtheme ‘Beyond Brick & Mortar system – Enroute Digital Transformation’.

The second day, 7th February will start will a keynote address by Mr. Sunil Banthiya, COO, Aliaxis, who will deliberate on the subtheme ‘The Humanitarian Logistics’.

This will be followed by a panel discussion on the subtheme ‘Digital Twins in Supply chains and Work Culture’ by Mr. Pavan Sarda, (Associate Director, Business & System Analyst, Merck & Co.), Mr. Arindham Mukhopadhyay, (VP and Global Head of Consulting COE, Gartner), Mr. Virupakshappa Hovale, (Country General Manager, Bosch Rexroth).

The afternoon session will continue with a keynote address delivered by Mr. Vinod Mathur, Sr. Director Strategic Services at Blue Yonder, who will be deliberating on the topic, “Supply Chain Workforce of the Future”.

The final panel discussion on the subtheme ‘The Boom, Bust and the Bullwhip – Tackling SC Uncertainties’ by Dr. Subhajit Bose, (Director & Head- Strategic Planning, Analytics & Controls, IndiGO), Mr. Amol Nagar, (Director Manufacturing Operations, Global Sourcing & Supply Chain, GE Aviation), Mr. Ajit Nair, (Director- India & APAC Sourcing, BIC Cello), Mr. Tarunesh Mathur, (Vice President, Schindler India Pvt Ltd) will conclude Tattv’21.

SIOM looks forward to the exciting exchange of knowledge and experiences which will be helpful for companies to manage unparalleled technical advances and fierce competition.

Participants will also get “Highly discounted ISCEA supply chain certifications” which are internationally renowned. (Market price 1100$ that will be provided at 75% discount)

For Registrations visit:

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