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Taking over the trading world with his empowering techniques is Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin


The astute entrepreneur is the founder of Bread & Butter Trades, which has been creating milestones in the industry of stock investing and options trading.

In life, an individual may be given many options and opportunities; at the end of the day, it depends on what choice the individual makes that can either make or break his/her career. Also, some individuals like to go with the flow and first understand what their heart seeks and make efforts accordingly. In the case of an ace entrepreneur in the trading world, Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin, everything that revolved around helping and empowering his community attracted him the most. 

At the initial stage of his career, he was more inclined towards making it in the food industry and own a restaurant. However, little did he know then that life had much bigger plans for him and that he would reach a position that could impact others’ lives as well. Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin grew up in small-town off the FL/GA border and graduated with a degree in history, minoring in philosophy and political science. In the food industry, he started as a line cook and later even reached the position of an Assistant General Manager in just four years. However, the bigger aim in mind to help people in his community make money excited him the most, which changed his life for the better.

Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin decided to take a chance in the trading world, where at the initial stage he struggled to have big gains and also faced bigger losses. However, he wanted to pursue the endeavour further and thus took the pledge to stick to his game plan without deviating from the same. The very next year, he turned 1K into 100K. This upped his confidence and during that time, he even built an LLC and partner with multiple lead traders in the community. Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin started developing trading courses and a mentorship program that helped enhance hundreds of traders across the world even amidst the pandemic.

The process of reaching where he is today was not a walk in the park. Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin had to face many difficulties along the way but strived to maximize his time and productivity. He worked his socks off and acquired knowledge giving up even sleep for several nights. Today, Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin is seen as a ‘momentum trader’, who specializes in Stock Option Trading Alerts/Signals. He targets high probable setups in the market and buy/sell securities that appear to be rising and sell contracts when things appear to have reached its climax. He has turned into an exemplary trade entrepreneur who utilizes contemporary script and technology. His modern-day techniques have proved to be empowering thousands of traders in the community.

Today, Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin is the proud founder of Bread & Butter Trades; a trading group developed to educate and empower the community about stock investing and options trading. This way, he has been helping thousands of traders during these trying times to help them create another source of income. Currently, he a developer and is working on creating intuitive courses/Mentorships that will provide a blueprint explaining how he has been able to remain consistent and profit in the stock market daily. 

Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin points out that these courses are beginner-friendly. They are working towards curating advanced courses for the experienced traders. Through his grit and passion and his firm Bread and Butter trades, Roderick “AxelRod” Mungin has been striving hard to provide world-class value to the community.

You can go through is link tree https://linktr.ee/rodcap

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