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Tokyo based artist Shurland Ayers is a Master at genre-blending


While most artists sit and wait for a record label to give them a shot at fame, Shurland has decided to make his own way.  A prolific tastemaker, producer, songwriter, and performing artist Shurland Ayers, the Brooklyn, New York transplant by way of Trinidad and Tobago got his start in music shortly after moving back to the states from Trinidad. When he heard his first hip-hop record, Mase’s “Lookin At Me,” he immediately was captivated and inspired by the flow and uniqueness of the Neptunes-produced cut. 

From there, he began toying with beats through the Fruity Loops digital audio workstation. His commitment to music reached new heights after his childhood friend and mentor, Gregory Balmir, introduced the youngster to the MPC 3000. While mastering the MPC, Shurland found time to become well-versed in other areas, learning the piano, steel pan, and bass guitar. Inspired by artists like The Neptunes, Outkast, and Skrillex, Shurland is an offspring of musical magnitude. Not limited to one particular genre, Shurland’s sound is multifaceted, fusing many genres, sounds, and influences simultaneously. His continuous drive for creativity and perseverance has propelled Shurland to the musician that we all know today: a producer, a director, and a performer. 

Beyond his impressive career as a musician, Shurland is also a force in the industries of Television producing over 47 episodes on the award-winning TV show FOX Backstage pass. While producing the show, Shurland has also interviewed Ed Sheeran, Talib Kweli, Big Sean, Lorde, and many more. His background in the field began in college at Temple University Japan Campus while double majoring in Communications Studies and International Business.  

Shurland is slated to release his single “Stuck In Ya Wayz” alongside a music video in January 2021. Inspired by the words of Steve Newland “releasing music every week until they love me” Shurland is using that inspiration to release music every month. Hired as one of the executive producers for the History Channel documentary titled “Defending Japan” 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the young creative and trailblazer.  

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