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T10 Musical Artist Proves Kindness Exists In The World, Donates To The American Red Cross


 Being a celebrity is not just about enjoying the love and fame that comes, it is also about giving in return what you can. A lot of celebs indulge in humanitarian work of different kinds. From environment protection to helping the need, many pledge to always spread awareness and help people. That’s exactly what. T10 Musical Artist Tyron Tennessee has been doing and has done again.

Tyron Tennessee is an American rapper and songwriter who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tyron aka T10 believes that kindness and love are of utmost importance and no amount of popularity and money can come closer to that richness. Hence, he recently donated an undisclosed amount to the American Red Cross.

Talking about American Red Cross, it is a humanitarian organisation that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education in the United States.  About donating to the same, T10 shares, “I remember I didn’t have it. It feels good to give back, everybody is not able to have it.”  With his contribution, T10 wants to make sure that he is always giving back to his community in every way possible. 

Talking about his music talent, T10 is very active on social media. He often drops interesting songs and his versions on his Instagram page. He also interacts with his fans on Twitter. Follow his Official Instagram & Twitter:



T10 also has his own website where one can stay updated about his work. Click on the site: 

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