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VEGACOIN – The era of blockchain gaming industry


When talking about the growth of online casinos and luxury ones, the influence of blockchain technology could be of great importance.

Each year, the global casino industry generates billions USD of revenue and continues to grow steadily over time. Casino companies are currently competing fiercely for market share, doing their best to survive and maintain their business.

VEGA is a community-powered movement for free and open decentralization . It’s the era of the blockchain gaming industry.

VEGA project was launched to expand the world’s digital currency system. VEGA starts by connecting to big casinos around the world, from physical ones in England, USA, Hong Kong, Macao, Dubai… to online ones. When the system becomes stable, our coin will expand its impact to the luxurious commodities market such as watches, handbags, jewelry… The final goal is to build an ecosystem to allow VEGA owners use in various fields, particularly philanthropy projects.

VEGA coin is now recognized by international casino organizations as an official cryptocurrency in the world. VEGA system has millions of users, with hundreds to thousands from each casino. When buying VEGA, owners will be able to enjoy discounts.

Already participating in international crypto currency exchanges and combined with the ETH ecosystem, VEGA has high liquidity.

VEGA cooperates with many strategy partners to accomplish the success of games and the platform.

The VEGA token is the native utility token of VEGA cooperation on the Ethereum blockchain protocol with a finite supply of 100,000,000 tokens. 90% of tokens will be locked in 5 years and will be distributed by each stage.

The entire VEGA supply is going to be released on the market in QUARTER II, 2021.

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