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TWENTY BEAUTY the cosmetic brand of Jyotsna Reddy and Santhoshi  Reddy – Change maker in beauty industry


Beauty is skin deep, and that’s true. But it’s a fact that external beauty can be  pronounced and enhanced with the help of certain products, and that is where the beauty and cosmetic industry comes into picture. There are so many players in  the industry – both local and global. While most of the companies claim that their  products are “clean” and “safe”, we do not know how far this is true. In fact,  many companies have literally died due to the presence of unsafe products,  causing permanent skin damage and worse, deadly diseases like cancer and  others. In addition, there are companies that do produce good products with fair  ingredients but end up in packaging that is not safe for the environment as they  include harmful and non-biodegradable components leading to damage to the  environment and society. Either way, it is not something that can be ignored. Also,  let us not forget the price tag that is attached with so called imported products.

Most of the companies are looking for either profit as a motive or vigorous  marketing for creating a brand image. There have very been very few  companies that have actually worked towards the spirit of womanhood and  creating a positive vibe for them, even though they never shy away from  displaying it in their advertisements and promotions. Not many CSR initiatives  have taken place and not much has been done for sustainability in the beauty  industry.

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, here comes a player that has turned the  tables altogether. Meet Twenty Beauty, the all-Indian beauty brand that promises  a revolution in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The dazzling duo Jyotsna Reddy  and Santhoshi Reddy have gone to great lengths to create an image that is  unbeatable and sure to leave a permanent mark in the beauty industry. Not only  have their products promised high grade skin friendly active ingredients, but also  great innovations in the beauty industry. Their ingredients are all skin friendly,  and made up of ingredients that do not leave any long-term harsh results on your  skin, but promise a beautiful and glowing skin that boosts you self-confidence and  power. The products are also reasonable priced, that means that beauty is now  affordable to all the women without having to worry about burning a hole in their

TWENTY BEAUTY the cosmetic brand of Jyotsna Reddy and Santhoshi  Reddy – Change maker in beauty industry

pockets! They have evolved to be more than just a beauty product and cosmetics  brand – it’s an innovation on its own‼

Talking about innovations, they become the first ever Indian beauty brand to have  launched vending machines for beauty products – to ease out the entire process of  shopping. Post the “unlocking” of the country, they are planning to come up with  further geographical expansion of their vending machines, and will be placing  them in accessible locations to make the shopping experience even better!

They also become the first Indian beauty brand to start a charitable foundation of  their own by the name of “Twenty Foundation” that aims at uplifting the Indian  women. The foundation intends to bring a better lifestyle to women by providing  them necessary education, employment opportunities and above all,  empowerment in terms of self-respect and beauty.

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