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Taharrush, “The Rape Game”, Makes Its Way To Europe


The New Years Eve was witness to the horrific and disgusting, mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany and many other European cities. This Arab rape game goes by the name of “Taharrush”, and is slowing invading into Europe.

The Disgusting Dynamics

The rape game, Taharrush, is about a group of young men, usually in 20’s or 30’s and generally, Arabian descent, surrounding a Western woman, and then the victim is subjected to sexual abuse. These assaults happen in the cover of large public gatherings, like festivals and protests. Women have reported experiencing digital penetration, beating, biting, groping, rape, having the clothes pulled off and most, commonly, robbery.


The dynamics of the game is as excruciating as it gets. They surround the victim in circles. The men who constitute the first circle are the perpetrators performing the heinous crime; the men in the second circle are spectators and try to find their way to the first circle. The men in the third circle aim to distract the general public from what is going on inside the human walls.

Victim Of Taharrush

The phenomenon gained prominence in February 2011 when Lara Logan, a reporter for CBS, was assaulted and beaten by hundreds of men, while covering the Lotus Revolution, in Tahrir Square. She was beaten with flag poles, stripped off her clothes, and violently pulled in different directions. She was affirmative that she was going to die while she groped by one man after the other while many others violated her with their hands. The injuries she suffered were so severe that she has been suffering internal haemorrhage, years after the attack.


Impact of Incidents of Taharrush In Europe

This has caused a steady increase in the attacks on Muslims in Europe and a major backlash against Merkel taking in Syrian refugees. Now, this is coming at an awful time for some of the people who are not involved in the act, as they have to bear the brunt of the situation, as they are trying desperately to create a better home away from home. There has been an unprecedented shift in the minds of the masses in Europe, with the refugees being looked down upon.


The game is so deeply disturbing and upsetting that you almost feel repulsed. It tends to mess with the human psyche and the clash of the cultures and rise in hatred are the most visible effects of this seismic movement of people across continents.

Watch the monstrous video below. Viewer discretion is advised.



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