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Taeler Hendrix Pro Wrestling Star Takes Over As Top Children’s Book Author Announces New Book


Taeler Hendrix, a prominently rising published Children’s Author, is set to release her next book in her series. Hendrix’s newest Children’s Book available soon with Amazon follows fast on the heels of her first two books, “It’s Not Easy Being A Sloth,” and “A Fish With A Wish Is Trish.” Both stories chronicle the struggles of a group of animal friends known as The Furred Herd. Each member of the club embarks on their own journey of overcoming what others say is impossible in essence finding the “I’m possible,” in their dream…

Taeler Hendrix’s third book in the compiled series calls itself, ” The Long Book of Shorts of Sorts. The fantastical Nonsensical Adventures of the Furred Kind.” Starring The Furred Herd, the third installment features an elephant named Nosey Rosie. Nosey Rosie joins her pals Sully the Sloth and Trish the Fish in her very own fantastical nonsensical adventure titled, “Nosey Rosie and the Secret Surprise.” This story chronicles Rosie the elephant and her propensity to be very nosey with her trunk ending up where it doesn’t belong. 

While Sully the Sloth wanted to race and Trish the Fish wanted to fly a plane, Rosie the elephant didn’t quite know what she wanted to do. But what she did know is that she hated secrets more than anything. While Sully had his hands claws on a steering wheel, and Trish had her head in the clouds, Rosie, had her nose or rather her trunk in everyone else’s business. In doing so, Nosey Rosie knew everything going on in the jungle. Yet, she didn’t realize that her hatred of secrets led to the biggest secret of all – herself. 

Taeler Hendrix gives us some insight into her latest book, “Nosey Rosie and the Secret Surprise.” She tells us that she began fiddling with the idea for this book back in 2012-2013 when she was on Spike T.V. she explains that going after your dreams is a gamble. That you have to learn as you go. You have to essentially bet on yourself when no one else will and cheer for yourself in the silence. Being candid, Hendrix opens up and tells us that she didn’t exactly know how to do that for herself during that time and felt that perhaps she wasn’t the only one struggling with that life lesson. 

Hendrix elaborates further in saying that as children we all have big dreams, that is until we’re taught not to. Those with the guts to go after their dreams often have to find themselves within their dream and who they want to be after their dream. Who we have the potential to be is quite often a secret to us. Everchanging as we do our best to navigate in the world without losing sight of our why. A mysterious surprise it would seem. Yet the pressures of keeping up with the joneses skews the view and we do get lost. Wholeheartedly and completely lost. Hendrix tells us it was that lost feeling knowing that she couldn’t possibly be alone in that struggle that ultimately led to this book. 

Hendrix goes into more detail as she talks to us about her perspective. That its through adversity and failure that we find out who truly are. We get so caught up in the middle of our own little mess that we forget how big we’re blessed. Hendrix found herself lost in the pursuit of her childhood dream. Falling prey to a world that tells you how to look, act, dress, what success looks like, what things make you happy, and so forth. Being yourself is going against the grain of society. She tells us that the biggest obstacle in the pursuing of dreams is learning that failure is a key step in success. That she needed to fail in order to succeed. It’s that failure that she credits with her beginning to understand the importance of defining happiness and success for herself. Figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Another life lesson we aren’t taught and desperately need.

Taeler Hendrix affirms that it’s that pivotal moment when we figure out what matters most and what makes us who we are. Hendrix tells us that 2013 was the beginning of that journey for her. The journey to that pivotal moment that would come two year later in 2015 when she’d be told, “no.” All that time in the hopes of looking back one day to give the little girl she was, with big dreams a high five, to subliminally say “we did it kid!” Her ultimate goal thus achieved as being the adult she needed as a child. Honoring the little girl she used to be who made way for the adult she’d need to become someday. 

Taeler Hendrix firmly believes that these books are indicative of her child-like enthusiasm for life and her guts to dare to be revolutionary. Hendrix is often cited as saying, “all you need is love, guts, and gumption.” Self love to realize you and your dreams matter. Guts to go after your dreams and cheer for yourself in the silence. And gumption to see your dreams through without sacrificing who you are or your integrity. Hendrix says these books are her doing exactly that. 

For every story she read as a child. For every story that inspired her. For every child told they couldn’t achieve their own dream. For every person who just needed a chance. For all the times she was told she was impossible, and how she found the I’m possible in her own journey. For that pinnacle moment when she was told no when it meant the most to receive a yes. For those who need to hear that they are possible. For those who dared to create their own opportunity when no one else would give them one. According to its’ author, Nosey Rosie and the Secret Surprise is the uplifting journey of succeeding in spite of adversity. Of learning that other’s opinions of you don’t define you. A story to implore children to continue to dream. To embrace who they are. To dare to be revolutionary. To be free with their authenticity. To the indelible stories they’ll leave behind one day. In the hopes that someday they too will aspire to irrevocably inspire others making the world a better place. 

We couldn’t possibly say it better than Nosey Rosie or the author behind her. So, we’ll leave you with this excerpt from “Nosey Rosie and the Secret Surprise,” the newest book by Taeler Hendrix heading to Amazon very soon! “Afterall, who would have thought a sloth could race fast? Or a fish could fly high in the sky without fail? All while an elephant writes their stories down to the last detail? If they could achieve all of that, then so too can you! So. What fantastical things will you do…?” 

For more from Taeler Hendrix, check out her website taelerhendrix.net and her two other Children’s Books on Amazon, “It’s Not Easy Being A Sloth,” and “A Fish With A Wish Is Trish.” 

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