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Like Father Like Son, Acing all aspects of business are this Father Son duo! Himanshu Gaur and Kuldeep Gaur


The 23-year-old entrepreneur has learned the business world’s nitty-gritty from his father, who incorporated the early seeds of business in him.

The world we are living in right now is something we did not imagine a year back. The way the pandemic has reshaped business industries is a sight to behold, which has given rise to many young talented minds who have gone ahead in creating their unique niche across industries. With so many changes happening all at once, it was imperative for businesses to resort to the digital mediums to carry forward their work and sustain their brands and name in their respective fields. Making the most of the opportunities in the digital world is one such ace entrepreneur named Himanshu Gaur, who at 23 years of age owns and operates his advertising and consulting agency called Social Bird Pvt. Ltd.

Since he was a child, ‘business’ was the buzz word at his home, as his father has been a successful businessman all his life running a profitable business. All these things ignited the fire in young Himanshu Gaur to take on the world of business when he was all of only 12 years. Ask him who is his biggest inspiration and the youngster is quick to reply saying, “My father”. He says that since he was 12, he was taught everything about the business world by his father who explained the its and bits of the industry through innovative stories and discussing work at home.

His father always treated him like he was born to do bigger and better things. This early moulding of mindset helped Himanshu Gaur, become a more confident individual who could take decisions of his own from a very young age. According to his father, he has many business skills inherent in him. For Himanshu Gaur, his father has been the guiding light and his biggest supporter as well as competitor, whom the youngster desires to exceed, but feels there’s still a long way to go.

There are many things that Himanshu Gaur has learned from him like how to hone business acumen, develop more understanding of the subject and implement things accordingly, improve tactical awareness and to gauge newer strategies and techniques every day.

His father has always motivated him to do more and has helped him broaden his perspectives in business, which is one of the reasons, Himanshu Gaur’s business Social Bird Pvt. Ltd. has achieved the momentum it deserves with their cutting-edge advertising and consulting services to cater to both the foreign and the Indian clients. 

Himanshu Gaur, taking immense inspiration from his father, has grown to be an astute businessman, following his father’s footsteps in the quest to replicate the success like his father’s. To gain great inspiration from this young entrepreneur who has made his father proud, follow him on Instagram @doctor_strangest.

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