By Mitali Patekar

“Swiped”, a Noah Centineo movie, perfectly describes how we are drowning in the swipe culture.

Swipe culture entered the dating world with apps like Tinder, Bumble and has presently changed the whole idea of dating. You can reject or like someone with just a light brush of your thumb!

Easy, right?

Remember the 90s movies, I bet those shared glances at the roof, balcony romance and love notes must have made you go aww. But who is going to make that much effort when you can just swipe right to let them know you like them and remove the fun out of the relationship, wondering why you lost the spark.

Our poor generation! Missing out on so much real romance.

I wonder the Simran of this generation is probably waiting, while her Raj is busy swiping right to every second girl!

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Looking at the stats, relationships originating from online dating sites end sooner. And in a survey, it showed that the majority of traffic on these sites is of lonely people who are bored with their lives and heartbroken people who want a distraction.

  • “I met a guy at one of the dating apps and he was so handsome in his photos, we got along pretty quick. After a week of talking when we finally met, Ah! I can say he was great at photoshopping!” – Kiran, 27.
  • “Dating online is dangerous, you get attached to people who are not really that attractive when you meet them in person. A girl I was talking to seemed generously sweet and after a few dates I realized her interest is less in men and more in money.”– Parneet, 29
  • “Relationships don’t last that long, one fight and they’re gone. There is a sea of fish, if one troubles, go for another. Realism is lost somewhere.” – Aakriti, 26

I think the problem is not with the apps but how easy they have made dating. Looking at the feedback, it seems easy to fool or replace one person at these platforms.

These sites are good for people who want to go for short-term dating or interact with new people, but if you want to have someone or something real I guess it’s not a good option.

If you want to fall in love and have those butterflies filling your stomach, I’ll suggest looking outside the world of apps and maybe you can find your human form of a love letter.

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Sources: BBC, Medium

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