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Swapping BTC to ETH made simple with Simple Coin Swap


Startup Fortune, September 10, 2020: When cryptocurrency exchange comes to mind, a common reaction is to feel overwhelmed. How do you exchange cryptocurrency? What is the exchange rate? Here at Simple Coin Swap we are a non-KYC required platform that allows you to easily manage your cryptocurrency exchange with over 150 currencies. 

The most commonly requested exchanges are typically USD to BTC, short for Bitcoin, and BTC to ETH, short for Ethereum. As an attribute to our success, Simple Coin Swap has been recently featured in Yahoo Finance at the time of this blog. 


Simple Coin Swap uses Changelly’s trading algorithm which is integrated into the largest crypto currency exchange platforms including Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex and more. Let’s cover the two most common exchanges: BTC to ETH and USD to BTC.


Ethereum and Bitcoin are arguably the two most sought after forms of crypto currency; Bitcoin (or BTC) being the first and Ethereum (or ETH) running a close second.. The exchange rate at the writing of this post is 1 Bitcoin to 28 Ethereum. BTC to ETH is best exchanged through the Changelly algorithm, who we partner with at Simple Coin Swap.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the current exchange rate at the writing of this post for $1 USD equates to 0.000081 BTC. In the world of crashing economies and pandemics, savvy investors are looking to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin as a new means of wealth.

Extreme fear has been the predominant factor driving market buys and sells since the coronavirus. While we don’t offer USD to BTC swaps (coming in the near future) at Simple Coin Swap we can recommend Coinbase for those exchanges. 


On most crypto currency exchange platforms, such as Coinbase,  investors have to pay a fee to convert their crypto currency to a fiat currency and allow time for the order to be filled. From there the investor can take their new fiat currency and proceed to  buy a different type of cryptocurrency for an additional fee. This process is arduous and costly. Simple Coin Swap makes crypto to crypto exchanges easy with one small, fixed fee. We perform bids and asks and provide you the very best exchange rate all in our platform.

More details can be found on the website: 

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