An MCD Primary School in Wazirabad village did not fare very well after Delhi Education Minister Atishi and Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi carried out a surprise inspection at the site.

The school itself was found in an extremely bad and dilapidated condition with toilets not working and broken, students sitting on the floor, and the environment just being dangerous generally toward the students.

What Was Found?

On Monday, 10th April 2023 Atishi and Oberoi conducted a surprise inspection at the MCD Primary School in Wazirabad Village, Timarpur, Delhi.

It was during this that they found large piles of garbage stored next to students in the classrooms itself, toilets broken and without doors and absolutely no cleanliness to be seen in the school. It was noted that children were being “made to sit on the ground in unsanitary and dangerous conditions.”

The Delhi mayor in her statement called out how the current state of these schools shows the insensitive side of school administration toward the betterment of the students and their future.

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Oberoi stated “Students in junior classes were found sitting on the floor, the principal was not present at school, and the school was in extremely unhygienic condition. Some of the classes were being partially used as storerooms, and the desks and benches in some of the classrooms were covered with a thick layer of dust that had not been cleaned in a long time.”

The school administration has been commanded by the education minister and the Delhi mayor to submit an action taken report at the earliest and not delay it in any way.

The reality is much different from the claims made about the changing area of the Delhi educational institutions especially by AAP, but Atishi in a statement laid the blame on BJP and its time with the MCD as the cause of the current situation.

In a statement, Atishi said that “Such a condition of the school is unacceptable and is a result of the BJP’s 15 year-old legacy in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The principal and the school administration must ensure that students receive proper education in a clean and safe environment. The neglect shown towards the school is a reflection of the careless attitude towards the future of our children.”

She also stated“We cannot allow our children to be deprived of proper education due to the negligence of authorities. I have given an ultimatum to the principal and the school administration to run the affairs of the institute appropriately failing which strict action will be taken against them.”

The MCD now led by AAP also stated that “The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has only worked to destroy schools during its tenure in the civic body. It is evident from the dilapidated classrooms, broken desks, and poor facilities that children’s futures have been played with in the MCD for so many years.”

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