New Delhi, 5th September 2022: A brand is successful not only when its sales are booming but when it surpasses its own expectation. Market99 has been on the track to success for quite some time now, but what makes this brand a true success is not only its growing infrastructure and sales but the fact that recently it has managed to surpass its own expectations.

As of today, Market99 stands tall among many big industry players, with its sales exceeding its own expectation. The brand has been projected to grow another 35% by the end of this year, which is quite an achievement for any Indian brand post covid.

In March 2022, Market99 managed to overcome the dry spell caused by the pandemic, with sales surpassing even the pre-covid numbers. The brand is currently seeing a significant increase in sales across different categories and sectors. Its recently launched online store is also seeing quite remarkable sales numbers, which isn’t surprising, considering the goodwill the company has with its customers. As far as projections go, the company is on its way to open another 10 stores by December 2022. Sales Projections on current stores are also soaring.

Sharing his thoughts, Director of Market99, Mr Omar Abdullah, who had briefly explained what has been the driving force of Market99 and its success in creating a successful space for home grown products.

“I feel stability is extremely important and we have shown that during the Pandemic. Market99 has become a master retailer amongst the big players. The greatest advantage we have is of having grounded and humble values. Finding the best possible deal is in our DNA. 60-70% of our products are home grown and manufactured and made right here in India.”

As Market99 is on a journey to be one of the biggest and most successful value-driven retail chains in the country, it would be intriguing to see how the company will emulate its success in the near future.


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