Two distinct incidents of shipwreck occurred about a hundred miles away from one another on the Greece coast. Around twenty-two, passengers have been found dead, with several others still missing. A video released by Reuters, shows passengers falling off ropes in high tide waters as the rescuers struggle to save them.

Details About The Incidents 

On the 6th of October, 2022, a vessel carrying about 100 travellers ran aground off the Kythera coast of Greece, which is to the south of the Peloponnese island. No less than 5 victims died overnight, while 80 got saved. 13 people among the rescued got admitted to a hospital in Kythera. The rest are still missing.

Another incident of a shipwreck was witnessed near the island of Lesbos on Greece’s Aegean sea. Among 40 passengers, 16 African women in their twenties and a boy were found dead, and the others are missing.

“We could see the boat smashing against the rocks and people climbing up those rocks to try to save themselves. It was an unbelievable sight,” a local inhabitant named Martha Stathaki reported to the Press. She added, “All the residents went down to the harbour to try to help.”

Rescuers Running Hither And Thither To Save Victims

Rescue teams were on their way to the eastern and western coasts of Greece, owing to the occurrence of two separate boat accidents about a hundred miles apart.

Rescuers struggle to save victims.

The search teams and rescue workers ran hither and thither to find victims stuck between rocks and waves. They provided them with medical assistance as soon as possible; amidst the stormy weather.

The Greek coastguard’s spokesperson, Nikos Kokkalas, said, “These are both very difficult operations due to the strong winds which have been raging relentlessly on both sides of the coasts since last night.”

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Recorded Statement Of Kythera’s Mayor

Stratos Charchalakis, Mayor of Kythera

The mayor of Kythera, Stratos Charchalakis said in an interview, “If 100 people were on the boat, as I understand that is what they themselves are saying, 80 have been saved and 20 are still missing.”

He added, “I saw five people drown in front of my own eyes. The boats that are being sent from Turkey are moving bombs. They are small sailboats that shouldn’t have more than 15 or 20 persons onboard, and they have 100.”

Greek Prime Minister’s Reaction To The Mishaps

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek Prime Minster

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister of Greece, conveyed his solemn condolences to the families who lost their members to the tragic accident.

He said to one of the journalists, “I think this is a time to really cooperate much more substantially in order to avoid these types of incidents occurring in the future and to completely eradicate the smugglers who prey upon innocent people, desperate people who try to reach the European continent in vessels which are clearly not seaworthy.”

Greece Blames Turkey

Greece claims to have experienced a rise in the rate of migration trafficking this year and blames Ankara for not being able to abide by a 2016 landmark agreement with the EU. The agreement promised to keep a check on the number of migrants travelling to Europe.

After the two disastrous incidents, the Migration Minister of Greece, Notis Mitarachi, tweeted that Turkey needs to “take immediate action to prevent all irregular departures due to harsh weather conditions”.

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