AIB recently released the second part of its series “If Apps Were People“.

The video is here:

This time the perspective has changed and it is the apps which are suffering because of the atrocities caused by Supriya’s mom on her smartphone.

Whatsapp kaka is frustrated and overworked because, well, WhatsApp forwards are louv.

Supriya’s Mother, played by Sheeba Chaddha, is just like everybody’s mom. She never lets her phone rest.

Here’s how she is just like my, your, and everybody else’s mom when it comes to handling smartphones:

Good Morning at 12’o clock.


Marriage, employing more mothers than ever.


Add to cart. Add to cart. Add to cart. Buy. Shipping charges so much. Cancels.


WTF is mom playing FIFA?

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Modi best PM according to UNESCO. Also, Fruti has AIDS virus. Beware.


The one place I don’t have to block her.

Isn’t your mom the same? Yes she is. They all are.

Peace out!

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