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Sukhpreet Singh sets landmark in digital industry


Sukhpreet Singh can undoubtedly be equivalent to the long hands of digital marketing business. With the upcoming launch of his new website he is going to set new benchmarks. A whole long list of politicians and public figures’ social media accounts are handled by him. Many companies and agencies are adopting the work strategies of Sukhpreet Singh to beat the competition. Not only this, many public figures enquire and take advice from him regarding PR plans, article publishing, getting verified on social media handles etc. His website offers various kinds of packages and plans suitable for everyone like a customized plan.

In this contemporary epoch, digital marketing and influencers are in high demand as each and every sector is in need of marketing and branding. Sukhpreet Singh has given people an edge by choosing their own branding with their own choice of media and eventually people can customise their PR plans with their sense of wisdom and at the end team of Digital Groovers polish the plans by understanding the nature target of the client.

Singh has become a landmark in the digital and PR industry as he has captured the whole industry by having strong connections and tie ups with huge media giants and business tycoons.

The services which are the most in demand by the clients from Digital Groovers firm are Public Relations, Article Publication, Social Media Handling, Content Management Experts and many more.

Singh is basically Punjab based and is having highly placed sources in different parts of the world through his strong network in this industry.

Major clients to whom Digital Groovers is serving include Fateh TV, Dubai Corporates, Health Care Firms, Government Officials Media Handles, All India Dental Association, Hotels Associations and many more political brands.

Sukhpreet Singh is currently working as a digital creator and an influencer. He has done his bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Lovely Professional University and master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kurukshetra University. Adding to thirst of knowledge he has also done a PG Diploma from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He gained immense experience by working in Hindustan Times for two years and working for three years in Daily Post. Currently working as an influence and creator he is an important part of the marketing mix. He carries the message from various platforms to the target audience.

Importantly, Singh has completed his various digital marketing courses at different universities including Winnipeg University Canada, Google certified digital expert and many more are in pipeline.

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