You might’ve heard of preserved or embalmed corpses but ever of a preserved corpse kept as a mannequin?

Believe it or not, La Pascualita is known for its corpse bride. It is believed that the store owner Pascuala Esparaza embalmed the corpse of his daughter after she passed away.

The daughter died on her wedding day after being bitten by an insect.

Soon after the demise around 1930, people spotted La Pascualita in the windows and how it bore sharp resemblance to the daughter of the owner.

What’s an embalmed corpse? 

Embalming is a process where the body is preserved from decay. The corpses in museums are one of the examples of an embalmed corpse.

The corpse bride here is believed to be embalmed but some even claim it’s a wax statue that looks very lifelike.

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Myths, legends or facts? 

A lot of stories revolve around this corpse mannequin since the first appearance in windows. Over the years some new legends have also emerged.

One of the employees that work in the store said that her hands get sweaty every time she changes her clothes and believes that she is a real person. She can even feel the varicose veins in her legs.

To work at a place where it is believed that a dummy is a real person, I’d sure get the chills changing her clothes too.

Her hands are so realistic, I have never seen anything quite like it on a dummy or even a wax statue.

Many customers claim they can feel her eyes moving along with them. Some even claimed she changed her position after a while.

Her eyes seem so lifelike, I’d sure get spooked if I felt those eyes moving around the room with me.

Another local legend says that a French magician would bring her to life every night and take her out on a stroll. This one sure seems like something out of fiction.

Many locals have started worshipping her like she is a saint and bride-to-be’s often leave gifts for her.

For more than 8 decades now people have been debating whether La Pascualita is a mummy or just a lifelike mannequin. But over the years she sure has taken a life of her own and has been a captivating story for anyone new to the town.

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