Startup Fortune, the Growth Hacking Platform For Startups Adds New Services to Help Small Businesses Grow and Scale Their Business, Announces Founder Mervik Haums

Startup Fortune, the platform with a purpose to provide entrepreneurs and startups a platform with the necessary PR and marketing tools in order to build the exposure they deserve, is bringing new services to help them confidently grow and scale up.

Since the founder, Mervik Haums, started the platform in 2018, has made a name for itself as a premier place to help with growth hacking, PR, online visibility and also as a publisher of relevant news in the startup and global business community.  

And now, the team has introduced a brand new service with the sole purpose of helping startups and small business entrepreneurs scale their businesses using effective PR and digital marketing strategies.

Why You Need More Visibility Now More Than Ever

As we all know, the year 2020 has brought with it a global pandemic.  Covid-19 has affected small businesses and startups around the world.  And while leading experts and authorities are doing everything within their power to restore our way of life, things may never be the same.

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we do business around the globe.  Many industries and niche markets have been negatively affected by the virus, as we all adapt to new quarantine and social distancing guidelines.  But there has been a boom in online products and services.

Software as a service (SaaS), internet education courses and online shopping are among some of the top markets to see a rise in business.  Companies like Amazon, Netflix and Udemy are seeing massive upward trends in sales and use cases.

Yet, at the same time business is booming for these online retailers and tech giants, it is getting more difficult for startups and small businesses due to a major increase in competition.  Online brand recognition and expert positioning can be more successful with a bigger budget.  But more importantly, they are most effective through the use of proven PR and digital marketing strategies.

While many startups and small businesses are on a limited budget, you can take action to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing, and give your online presence a much needed boost.

Deliver Your Message, Drive More Traffic, and Position Your Company as a Leader

Unless you’re a fortune 500 company, it can be difficult to make the headlines in your particular industry or niche.  Startup Fortune was founded by Mervik Haums in 2018 with a desire to help small businesses and startups share their messages with a larger audience.

Haums is a PR and marketing strategist, and has been helping startups and small businesses grow and scale since 2012.  As an early adopter of crypto and blockchain technologies, he has tremendous insight into the role of technology in business.

Startup Fortune is a publisher of major news stories in such industries as:  Finance, Services, and Industrial Goods.  However, at its core, the company has a strong belief that market disruption and innovation most often occurs in small to midsize companies.

That is why Startup Fortune is committed to be the first to identify and publish the innovations and breakthroughs of these companies.  The online publishing giant is providing a platform for young entrepreneurs and small businesses to be heard.  In providing this service, Startup Fortune is fulfilling its mission of helping these struggling companies improve their online presence through the use of effective PR.

Do you want to have articles and news content about your brand or service published on mainstream media platforms? If you’re a startup or small business struggling to get things off the ground with your PR and digital marketing efforts, you must take advantage of this unique opportunity to build the exposure you deserve.

Startup Fortune is a platform built to help startups from all industries with their marketing, PR and branding.  They provide a community for small businesses, startups and young entrepreneurs to learn and accelerate their business ventures.

Contact the Startup Fortune team on Instagram to find out more about publishing your story and getting your business on the fast track to real PR and marketing results.


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