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Suchitra Sen-The Bengally Beauty


By Vishakha Gupta

The recent demise of Suchitra Sen, a great actress, left the people overwhelmed. This Indian actress, who acted majorly in Bengali films, was revered by all. She started her career in films with ‘Shesh Kothaay’ which was never released. She starred opposite Uttam Kumar in ‘Sharey Chuattor’ in 1953. Both the film and their ‘jodi’ became successful immediately. This reel life couple created magic on screen with their chemistry and romance for more than 20 years. The mention of one, inevitably brings back the memory of the other. They are, and will be remembered together.

This bewitching actress won many awards in her life-time. She won the Silver Prize for best actress at the 1963 Moscow International Film Festival, becoming the first Indian actress to win an award at an international film festival. She was also awarded the Padma Shri in 1972. She was recently given the Banga Bibhushan award, one of the most prestigious awards of the West Bengal government. She continued working even after her husband’s death, managing her career and her home life with great elan. It requires a lot of courage and not many can do that. After a career of more than 25 years, her retirement from the screen was absolute. She never looked back once, after she decided to retire. “One reason why she quit acting in the 1970s was the mediocrity that overtook Bengali cinema. Many of the directors she knew well and felt comfortable to work, with passed away. The scripts offered to her were awful”-Moon Moon Sen said her daughter, recently.

To me, Suchitra Sen came out as a really strong personality. She was independent, strong-willed and walked with pride. There is no exaggeration to say that the Indian film industry, especially the people of West Bengal idolized her. “Tell your mother I’ve a blank check waiting for your mother whenever she decides to work with me”- an esteemed producer to Moon Moon Sen on a flight.

Death deprives people of their loved ones, but it most definitely does make them realize the importance of that person. In Suchitra Sen’s case, her death was mourned by countless number of people whose lives had been touched by her. The media made sure that even the most uninformed person(like me) became aware of her death and her contributions to the Indian cinema. Some of her highly praised movies are as follows:

1.Saat Pake Badha
2.Sharey Chuattor
5.Harano Sur
6.Deep Jele Jai

She made a huge impact on the lives of lovers of cinema and for them, her legacy will always live on. May she rest in peace!


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