Leadership- Either learn it or be born with it.

You know that time when you become immensely successful and then you look back to see how much things have changes but you still feel somewhere you are the same person you were. Now that’s the irony you need to feel to satisfy being a good leader.


It’s not just being a CEO of a firm that will allow you to portray your leadership abilities but every other part of your life. It’s like unconsciously strategizing every move of yours no matter which position you are in. 

Let’s brief it down to four basic mantras, which if you even mildly showcase you can be successful but if you even miss out on one, it’s out the possibility.

  1. Have a vision: – Don’t set a goal but have a vision. Every one of us have goals. Goals seem to be short term. Have a vision, stick to it and imagine a better possibility. Think of worse scenarios but imagine of better outcomes and work towards it. Now this is the difference- you have a goal you achieve it. But you have a vision you need to live and breathe it. You’ll know it when you start living your vision.
  2. Belief: – You can always be motivated inspired by the success stories or whatever it maybe to get you there. But unless you believe in something you do, it won’t make sense. Let it be your own, or a better version of someone else’s work. You need to believe in it. It’s like trusting yourself. Now this need not be just you but your team (if you have one) and each of them need to feel that rush you feel. That is when it works.
  3. Strategy: – This is where you need to work with yourself. These are wise words “When you start looking at things differently, the things you look at change”. Now you make it in such a way no one imagines you can. Give people a good enough “Why”. When you make everyone feel whatever it is you want them to, that is when everything kicks off automatically.
  4. Standards: – There a places and things in life you never compromise. Well this comes first in the order of your list. Keep it nothing but high. Bottom line, learn to never take “NO” for an answer unless someone’s life is at stake.

Tell yourself this- it’s easy, it’s going to work and you can do it.


Always have an attitude, to take back home, no matter what ever the situation you face.

Remember life is short and always do what you love, and you can lead your way through anything, come what may.


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