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How to stop doing dumb things with money? Carl Richard answers this question in the simplest form.


Economy Decoded brings you another set of solutions to big & complex financial problems which we face as participants of financial markets. These 10 small napkin sketches drafted by Carl Richards reduces the convoluted issues to simplified versions in his book `Behavior Gap`.

061713bucks-carl-sketch-blog480Attempting to forecast the market`s behaviour is still a fool`s game.






Treasury Secretary Timothy F.Geithner managed to sum up many of our own individual problems when pinpointing the cause of great recessions.




downloadGoing several days in row without spending money may help you shake some bad financial habits-or recgonize ones that you didn`t realize you had.




images (1)



How is it possible that so few people know what their actual credit-card debt is?





imagesToo many people are tempted to move money into whatever investment has done well in recent months.





A-Bad-Cycle-copyWhen goals turn into expectations,disappointment often results because real life gets in the way. Carl Richards sketches out an alternative.





download (2)With all the distracting information about the global economy,its easy to forget to focus on the few things we know about ourselves & that we may be able to control.




052713bucks-carl-sketch-blog480If you are looking for a pattern in the stock market you are likely to find one.But investors would do better if they focused on their own behavioral`s patterns.




070813bucks-carl-sketch-blog480Carl Richard`s discusses what individual`s can learn form investors who manage to separate emotion from investing.





images (3)Just because spouses mention somebody else`s new kitchen or car doesn`t mean they want to blow the household budget.





To read more about Carl Richards napkin sketches visit `Bucks`blog post.



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