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Stitching Stars Into Scars: These People Wear Their Scratches Like War Medals



Tiffany Posterato knew from the age of seven that the white patches on her skin weren’t scars. At eleven, they confirmed her fears and gave it a name. Vitiligo, it was called.

With growing age, the size and number of marks grew on her skin too. She was mocked, called names like “Dalmatian”, “White Ghost” and even “Cow”! (Though if you see her, she is NOWHERE near a cow) People who saw through her thick make up and layers of clothes -which she adorned to save herself from the stigmatic stares of judgmental strangers – they would ask if she had tanned under a tree, or whether they were burn marks.

For years, this beautiful woman concealed her identity, lived under the rock, and all this because the world is not nice to the imperfect. But fortunately for her, she overcame the intimidation, and discovered a beautiful way of responding to all the stares and questions…

She knew that anyone who saw her marks, would instantly wonder what they were, so she got a tattoo on her forearm  saying, “It’s called Vitiligo”. She makes a point to never hide it. With great results, it works. People don’t poke her about her condition anymore. Rather, they ask nicely and once educated, leave her alone in peace and admiration.

Way to go girl! Now that’s what you call Empowerment!

Tiffany Posterato

Miss Posterato is a beautiful woman, who was forced to think otherwise by the “ideal image of flawlessness” in society’s thick skull. She endured 24 years of bullying before she responded. But responded she well! She took her case in her own hands, and helped herself out.

Here are some others who wear their scars and scratches like war medals…

Kajol - uniborw in DDLJ

Raj fell in love with a girl who had hair between her eyes. Didn’t hinder them from making the epic-est love story ever, did it?

Ciera Swaringen

Ciera Swaringen was born with spotty birthmarks all over her body. But her eyes twinkle and smile shines beyond it all.


Remember the thumb? This is a birth disorder too. Now an icon though…


This is one of the best quotes ever!!


Acne scars. Those who don’t have them, are lucky. Those who do, are normal.

As the Christina Peri song goes… we are only human; a naturally synthesized organism. And nature is beautiful because she is imperfect. Plastics are pretty, but poor of personality; while the little clown fish with 1.5 fins became the world’s favorite swimmer. Indians win more medals at the Special Olympics than at the regular games. Need I say more, to make it evident that a minor manufacturing mistake isn’t essentially a weakness, but can rather be turned into strength?



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