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Sports Movies: 70mm and Beyond


By Aakriti Chowdhary

There are movies that have left an indelible impact. There are movies that go beyond the playing field. There are movies that are better remembered. There are movies that don’t get lost in the mad race to just get innumerable credits in their bank accounts. Like a pair of ripped blue jeans and a crisp white shirt are a must have in every wardrobe, following movies are a must watch for every sports enthusiast.



It’s a story that belongs to the apartheid-torn land of South Africa. A story that unites all across various castes, colour and creed. Nelson Mandela, the crusader, in his very first term, sends the national rugby team on a mission to conquer the 1995 Rugby World Cup. A story of courage, spirit and undying will, Invictus shouldn’t be missed.


Directed by Bill Paxton, The Greatest Game ever played is a golf drama. Based on the true story of the 1913 US Open, where 20-year-old Francis Ouimet proves to be all-powerful by beating his own mentor, idol Harry Vardon. All the “easy pezy lemon squeezy” speaking shouldn’t miss this one for the world.


Revolving around the life of Santiago Munez, Goal, is a complete package. From an unwilling father to dealing with asthma, Santiago overcomes all to live his dream for playing English Football.


A movie where the underestimated, the underdog proved everyone wrong. Undersized Seabiscuit, the hero of the movie, learnt to compete not by practicing day in and day out but by staring right into the eyes of its competitor. Beating every horse in its way, Seabiscut successfully teaches how one just needs to pull the right chords to make music.


The movie Rocky balboa is a movie about an Italian boxer who was born and brought up on the streets and made it large. The movie portrays the struggle, the dilemma’s, the courage the passion that one needs to fulfill their dreams. The movie is a pristine description of the fights a sportsman has to face not only to climb the Everest but also to sustain himself at the top of the mountain.


The movie the longest yard is a tailor made story of a disgraced NFL star who ends up in jail where he is tormented and compelled to form a football team with the inmates of the prison.  The movie is a fun packed comical film with an apt depiction of the buffeting treatment the inmates undergo inside a prison and is an illustration of the role that anger and revenge can play in a sport.


The movie Dodge ball is a true underdog story. A story of how a few unfit individuals, who were weak, had no experience and weren’t liked by the crowd either managed to pick up the biggest win of there lives. It’s a fairy tale of a few individuals who won a sport with sheer determination, the enthusiasm and a never give in attitude.  

Can you live without watching the same? May be yes. But should you live with without watching it? May be not.



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