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It wasn’t long ago when dad’s shoulders were the highest place, when goodbyes only meant till tomorrow, when the only thing that hurt were scraped knees, when mom was the only heroine, when the worst fights were for the window seat of the bus. It wasn’t long ago when we were children, when innocence shined as bright as the stars.

It is true. What we did as kids, is very different than what we do today.  The difference lies in our thought-process, our ideology and in our mind set.


  • In those years, our biggest fear was getting FOUND while playing hide-and-seek.

Now, our biggest fear is getting LOST in this mayhem and madness.

  • During those times, STANDING FIRST in class meant everything.

Now EGO has become the biggest thing.

  • When we were children, all we strived was for a SMILE on the faces of our loved ones.

Now, all we strive for is a LOOK OF DEFEAT on our opponent’s face.

See the difference? BUT  WHY? Does this mean we were sensible as children? Were we more humane back then? Why does the innocence of childhood vanish with time?

Why do we care about how bad others are than how good we can be?

Invoke the child in you. The world’s already full of robots running hither and thither for satisfying there greed.

Be the change, the world wants to see.

Be the person you want to be rather than the person everybody wants to see.

People wait all week for weekends, all year for spring and all life for happiness.

Why can’t we make every day worthwhile? Why can’t every day be “happy day” instead of weekday or weekend?

It’s a child’s cry and an adult’s plea.

Please, let’s go back to childhood when life was crystal clear. SIMPLE AND SWEET.

Mom’s lap

Dad’s shoulders

No worries about money

No tension of the future

Looking back, we might have come a long way

But people we called our own have gone away

We’ve lost our ways in trying to find our goal

We’ve lost ourselves in trying to stay afloat

Life is full of surprises and shocks which change us. Each chapter of life teaches us a lesson. But we must not forget the lessons we learnt from our childhood.

Move ahead but with your feet on the ground.


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