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Sarojini Market: Where it all begins


By Aakriti Chowdhary

Slyly, when a man comes up to you, takes out his handkerchief, shows a watch and softly says, “madam, Gucci hai, saste mein doonga (madam, its Gucci, I’ll give it to you cheap)”, that’s when you know you’ve finally stepped into the Sarojini market. Jammed parking lots, muggy lanes, heaps of clothes and an ocean of people are a regular site. It has the capacity to deviate anybody from their set budget, in spite of the fact that it sells anything and everything at rock bottom prices.

For the girls who love wearing quirky neckpieces and chic collars, they should spot one of the Rajasthani girls, wearing a colourful ghaghara, carrying a wooden log filled with bizarre accessories. Those who step out every night for a couple of drinks, shouldn’t hesitate to step into the sultry lanes filled with truckloads of trendy tops and dresses. Finally, for the ones who love to add that extra element, there are flat Rs 50 scarves, which are a “must have” in the wardrobe. 

For the men of the society, it might not be a paradise but its not a disappointment either. A few stalls selling avengers’ t-shirts, Simpsons’ pajamas or superman shorts can be found like a needle in a haystack. But their job still remains carrying infinite shopping bags for their girl counterparts.

Before entering this madhouse, one should be well versed with the tools of bargaining. Firstly, looking at the seller with that look of astonishment when he announces the price. Then, categorically telling him that you are not new to the place and finally using the trump card by walking away from the shop after quoting your prices and waiting for the seller to call you back to collect your packet at your price. This trick rarely fails. Its successful in making a girl proud of her shopping tactics and making her reach cloud 9.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then bags and shoes will be just second to that. Sarojini is incapable of housing diamonds worth lakhs, therefore its satisfied and content with housing and selling the second. From leather backpacks to neon clutches, shimmer shoulder bags to cotton bags, Sarojini has it all and the price can make any girl drool.

The showcase window for these stalls are the walls flooded with their best jacket or their best dress. These clothes hung on the wall, call the crowd. They act as glue, preventing any kind of commotion. They draw the thin line between cheap and chic that should be adhered to even more that the line of control.

For those who shop till they drop, there are a few places to restore their lost stamina, regain their enthusiasm. Khatta Meetha Shop is a savior for many, selling mouth-watering pav bhaji and chaat. There are a few kulcha stands that should be conveniently avoided by the weak hearted.

It’s a place for those who love many over one. It’s a place that seems ordinary only at a glance. It’s a treasure chest full of gold. It’s a hunt that can be solved only by cracking the clues that lie in the stuffy stalls filled with stacks and mountains of everything.



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