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Speeches At UN Won’t Solve Issues: Applauding Sushma Swaraj Not Right


Nawaz Sharif tried really hard to take the world by storm when he ‘successfully’ laid claims to Kashmir and pointed out how India is hub of human rights violation.

What he got in return was China supporting them (no surprise there) and several other nations like USA, Russia and India of course condemning them.

India replied to Sharif when Eenam Gambhir read out a five minute long speech but a fitting reply was given to Sharif when External Affairs Minister of India Mrs. Sushma Swaraj gave a twenty minute long speech telling Pakistan to “give up the dream of having Kashmir.”


The Speech As It Was

Swaraj started her speech mentioning poverty and pledging towards sustainable development.  She carried on mentioning India’s achievements during the past year, global partnerships and its programs to save girl child.

Sushma Swaraj tackled every major issue from climate change to renewable sources of energy and then went on to speak about our friendly neighbours Pakistan, something many were waiting for.

What came as a huge blow to Pakistan was Sushma’s clear mention of Nawaz Sharif’s speech at United Nations General Assembly on 21st September. She said that there are nations in the world that speak the language of terrorism, nurture it, peddle it and export it. (Kudos for not being vague)

Allegations made on India are baseless and those making such allegations should introspect and see what is perpetrating in their country including Baluchistan. (In your face! Mr. President Sharif)

She mentioned Bahadur Ali, the terrorist who was captured alive and spilled beans on how terror camps operate in Pakistan. Pakistan will surely have a hard time replying to questions raised on Pathankot, Uri attack and Kashmir.

Sharif really has no other option but to “abandon the dream of Kashmir”.

sushma swaraj

India’s Plans

India has accelerated its plans to diplomatically boycott Pakistan on international level. If India does stop Indus waters from flowing into Pakistan it will be breaking the Indus Water Treaty and will probably be acting as the aggressor for the first time in so many years.

Many will criticize India’s ‘bold’ actions but the question remains- Will India be able to resolve the Kashmir issue?

Diplomatically correct speeches on international platforms have continued for several years with no real results and so we may applaud Sushma for her bang on job, but the reality remains the same.

Hence, it has become an absolute necessity to curb Pakistan’s heinous plans even if it requires direct action and use of brute force.

What is of utmost importance is the lives that are lost and India should not compromise when it comes to human Indian lives.

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