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Android + Chrome OS = Andromeda: Will It Succeed Or Fail?



One word that has become the world for many, an almost life giving thing, which if taken away could be disastrous for people all over the world.

There is literally no denying and almost laughable when one says that Google has attained almost the same place as air, food and shelter for many of us.

Many other search engines have come and gone, Yahoo, AOL, and perhaps the most hilarious of them all, Bing. While Yahoo was able to make a place of its own, others were unable to match up to the standards set by Google and eventually faded away.

After settling itself as the King of internet, Google then went on to dabble in various operating softwares, out of which came the Google Chrome OS and then into the smartphones, which resulted in Android.

So when the news came, that after Android and Chrome, Google would be dabbling into Andromeda, an OS that basically is the coming together of Android and Chrome OS.

Now, according to various tech blogs and sources, this new operating software, instead of combining Android features into that of Chrome OS, will be doing the opposite and bringing in Chrome features into that of Android.


Up until now, people although spend the majority of time on their phones, still favour using desktops when doing heavy work or things that are a bit more of delicate nature.

According to sources, this OS is supposedly going to make it easier to accomplish tasks that required a desktop on your phone or tablet only.

But, even still, Google is also planning to unveil a Pixel laptop, allegedly called the ‘Bison’ that be operated by Andromeda.

As noted by Android Police, the laptop will have a lot of varied and impressive features in it, like a Core i5 or Intel m3 processor, an ultra-thin 0.39-inch thick design along with a screen size of 12.3 inch. It would also have a RAM of either 8GB or 16GB and storage of 32GB to 128GB, the battery life too is said to last up to almost 10 hours.

It should be taken into consideration that, up until now, Google has only majorly dabbled in software creation, but with Bison, Google will finally be venturing into the market of creation of tech devices.

Signing off, I would just say that, it still remains to be seen whether this new OS and laptop will be able to pull off all that it promises or not.

On my part, Google has rarely ever disappointed me, however this feat that they are trying to achieve seems to be a massive one.

Only hope that it does not fail spectacularly.

Image Credits: Google Images

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