As the people on Twitter continue to support Sona Mohapatra in her war of tweets against Sonakshi Sinha, one can only surmise that hey, the nation may just be doing the most amazing thing possible by standing up to Sonakshi and supporting an esteemed artist in the name of Sona Mohapatra.

It is only then when I, one of the flag bearers against the campaign of media’s bullshit and the public’s inherent bigotry take a stand to call out people and expose their double standards.

Let’s do a little analysis, here :

Firstly, I’m in FULL SUPPORT of Sona Mohapatra and I totally get the point that she’s trying to make. Secondly, I damn well despise Sonakshi for trying to talk down to Armaan Malik (whom SHE MISTAKENLY thought of as Amaal Malik) and proclaimed that he wanted her to sing for him.

Damn, Sonakshi. You seem like a ball of sunshine. Just kidding, you’re condescending and more talent-less than I was in 7th grade.

But my feud isn’t with you, Sonakshi. My feud is definitely not with you.

Sonakshi Sinha in the world famous song called “Move Your Lakk” which kinda sounds like “Muh Mein Lakk” but okay.

My feud is with all these generic herd-mentality fed social media heroes who believe that supporting the right “idea” makes them morally right in the context of this situation. Here, the right idea is presented by Sona Mohapatra, who’s supporting artists over actors for performing at Justin Bieber’s concert.

Which brings me to us a society that what GIVES US THE RIGHT to join the train?

How much have WE CONTRIBUTED in making independent artists successful? How much have we not idolized people like Sonakshi Sinha who make 2 shitty songs and call themselves “artists”? How many times have we bought original albums of Indian artists? How many times have we played a part in recognizing true artists and supporting their ventures?

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This whole hegemonic treatment of movie stars and giving them the top seed, making them “perform” at award shows and concerts and and acting all blush-y when they take the stage is the sole reason why they’re even given these kinda opportunities.

It’s us who put them on a pedestal, it’s us who don’t support independent artists and then we have the balls to cry about it when “singers” like Sonakshi Sinha overshadow the real talent present in the industry.

Sona Mohapatra was right in her approach.


It’s because she is an artist who’s watching other artists get robbed off opportunities to take the stage at a concert but people like us who are apparently not even a part of the real thing, who thrive on downloading songs off the internet for free have practically NO RIGHT to crib about this, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING AN OPINION.

But I forget that we’re a generation of keyboard heroes. We NEED to have an opinion to sound aware but at what cost?

My dear millennials, next time you support an artist for standing up to someone’s bullshit, make sure you’ve supported that artist yourself to an extent where you don’t sound stupid before joining his/her cause.

Support the ones who fight for the silver spoon, not the ones who are born with it.

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