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Why Do Girls Need Pee Partners? Why Can’t People Do Things Alone?


The entire universe is obsessed with the multiplication of quantity. Nothing can be alone, single or by oneself. There has to be the presence of at least one secondary companion, no matter whether it be a material or a person.


Where to start from

It all began when we were in school. The teacher intentionally gave us group projects, even though eventually the project is completed by one person only.

Then when we go to the movies, we need someone. Because going to the cinemas alone is considered creepy by some wise minded.

When we are in a depression, we need a best friend to share our feelings with.

In a relationship, we have another person to whom each and every detail is shared about the relationship.

During wedding parties we don’t go to the buffet alone, rather we wait for someone to accompany us.

Guys need a smoke/joint/beer partner, because two unconscious souls are better than one.

Heck, girls even have pee partners. Didn’t know that peeing was a two-player sport.

Go Solo

All these activities can be done single-ably. Then why do we need a multiple numbered count for each time we want to do something which pleases us, ourselves. Why is there so much obsession in this field?

Majority of people make friends for this string of activities only. We become habitual to the idea that friends are soul friends if they agree to accompany us every time we are in a mood to do something regardless of what the other person wants. The height of Selfishness.

Why am I waiting for a friend to answer in affirmative for my offer to go to the recently opened café in Civil Lines where I am dying to go? Why should there be an element of unnecessary expectation and hope? I can go solo. People can judge all they want.

I can go to the movies alone. Why shouldn’t I? I mean we don’t go there to chat. (Some irritating people do that)

What I mean to say by this entire monologue is that we shouldn’t feel ashamed to be able to hang out all by ourselves. We should be proud that we don’t need others. There’s no need for us to hide our faces behind the book in a café or sulk in the movie chair so that no one spots us there alone. There should be a feeling of self-confidence and self-pride (You’ll miss the gossips though :P )


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Society judges people who go solo, take a look at how our parents make us judgmental:

Society Says “Youngsters Need To Grow Up”; But It’s Parents Who Need To Grow Up First


Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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