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Solar-Powered E-Rickshaws In Kerala: A Much Needed Step


For years now, we have learnt in geography lectures about the replenishment of non-renewable resources and how millions of years are needed for these resources to form. But, humans are on the verge of utilising them to such an extent that there wouldn’t be anything left for the next generation.

It seems like India is finally realising the need to save the non-renewable fuels, as Kerala has launched E-Rickshaws that would be powered by solar energy.

While e-rickshaws are nothing new for the people of Delhi, what sets these rickshaws apart is that the ones in Kerala would completely work on solar panels.



The project was thought out by Georgekutty Karianappally, who owns Lifeway Solar Private Limited, a Kochi-based firm which is in the process of assembling the vehicle.

The rickshaws have solar panels fitted to the roofs. The panels are said to measure 1.5 metres long and 1 metre wide. Along with that, they are also equipped with a battery that can be charged with electricity, in case no solar power is available. The vehicle can seat five persons. Six hours of solar charging will allow the rickshaw to run a minimum of 80 kilometres, Mr. Karianapally told The Hindu.

The increasing pollution caused by vehicles, especially three-wheelers encouraged him to come up with the idea of using solar energy to power rickshaws, a fuel-less alternative for commuting.


‘‘My vision is to inculcate a culture among the people to use renewable energy for day-to-day use and to create a habit of sharing the rickshaw while travelling in cities to reduce carbon monoxide emission, thereby bringing down the carbon footprint on earth. e-bikes and e-rickshaws are popular in seven States in India. We have to establish solar roof for autorickshaw stands so that solar rickshaws can charge while the vehicle is idling at the stand”, he said.

The solar autorickshaw is priced at 1.25 lakhs.

This is an immensely well thought out step in a country which has an abundance of sunlight, mostly throughout the year. These rickshaws would provide pollution-free transportation. Go green!

Solar energy is definitely the future of India. Don’t you agree?


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