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SlapStocks Provides Options for Those Affected by COVID-19


Launching a business in the middle of a pandemic is no small feat, but for Cyrus Abrahim and Kyle McChesney, it just might have been a blessing in disguise. “We knew the demand for stock market education was high prior to COVID,” Abrahim says. “However, as COVID turned our country’s economic landscape upside down, we saw many displaced Americans turn to the Stock Market looking for a steady income stream.”

The idea was initially born in late 2019, when co-founders Cyrus Abrahim and Kyle McChesney were members of another stock market service. The pair kept encountering stories of young Americans losing it all on the stock market. Abrahim and McChesney saw this as a call to action, feeling compelled to put their skills to work and help their fellow Americans make educated decisions to yield consistent returns when trading.

“We realized many services, including the one we were in, did not check all the boxes

necessary to build confident traders,” Abrahim explains. “We knew we were not alone in this thought process and started brainstorming ways to increase member confidence while maintaining the psychological mindset that drives consistent gains. Together, we developed a holistic model that looked at the trader as whole instead of only focusing on certain components of the art of profitable trading.”

Abrahim and McChesney began working diligently on creating custom-tailored trading plans that would allow any trader, regardless of portfolio size or socio-economic background, to learn the art of risk management, profitable trading, and, most importantly, the psychological refinement required to be an effective trader. 

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like millions of small businesses in America, COVID-19 hit the stock market with massive turbulence. Abrahim and McChesney had to reevaluate their trading methods and learn how to navigate the unchartered waters, all while steering to safety. However, these newfound challenges also provided an opportunity for the duo to appeal to a wider audience, as many Americans desperately desired to invest their time into anything that could actually turn a profit.

SlapStocks is a subscription-based educational community that provides tools for traders of any

experience level to build on their knowledge base and become a better trader. Although founded in early 2020, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, SlapStocks continues to offer a plethora of product offerings, including webinars, live trading, group training, and one-on-one mentorship.

“We engineered learning tracks so powerful that we were able to expedite our memberships skill set, granting many who were new to trading and suffered exponential loss, the ability to recover,” Abrahim remarks.

Of course, continuous improvement of their current processes is an ongoing process, in addition to their partnership to work towards building a State-of-the-Art application to assist traders in their day-to-day trading. However, Abrahim and McChesney have enjoyed watching as their solid beliefs in consistent gains have guided their fellow Americans down the road of financial success. They had created not only an extraordinary educational trading program but a family, a community of like-minded individuals who were willing to jump in and help their peers, day or night.

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