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Meet the handsome hunk – Rahul Ravi


Rahul Ravi is a 21 year old Indian and versatile model . He is in New York and has recently started modelling just a year ago. With his charming and impressive personality he has blown up as a great model. He has also signed to Q models in NYC and Fomo Models in London. Which definitely shows that the people are liking him as a good model and want to work with him, which is a great achievement for him after all his childhood dream of becoming a model is eventually coming true. In other words the years of hard work is finally coming true and right now he is enjoying his amazing lifestyle. This eventually proves that if we are determined and focused towards our goals then Definitely one day we can achieve it. He says, “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

Know more about him

Apart from modelling he is also running a successful social media agency named @bloomtraffic. With a good knowledge of Social media he has started running his agency where he showcases his creativity with the posts he shares. He is working with multiple great personalities. He does provide a great social media service so if you’re interested you can simply contact him, the Id is already mentioned above.

In his leisure time he likes to explore and learn new things so that he can expand his knowledge as much as possible and sometimes he loves to play with his dog cause he is a dog lover and owns a pet dog.

Rahul Ravi is also filled with optimism and has a charismatic attitude. He wants to empower the young youth so that they can also fulfill their own dreams and can have a great and successful future ahead. He truly believes in patriotism and humanity and also wants the people to have the same beliefs’ so that the society can be developed and this world could be a better place to live in.

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