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Six Quick tips to decorate your house this Diwali


Diwali is just round the corner and most of us are already looking at some interesting way to decorate our houses. However, making these changes not necessarily have to cost of a bomb or require a complete overhaul.
Karishma Bajaj and Asim Merchant, designers of RED, BLUE & YELLOW share six quick tips that will transform the look of your furniture and your home and help you get ready for the festive season. Be it the living room or your bedroom these tips will surely change the look without any major alterations.
1.Change a single wall color for the festive season. Add an orange, blue or even a green to make the room look a bit more festive-Indian for the diwali season.
2. If changing the wall color is too time consuming and tedious, you can simply add a screen made of a sheet of soft board pinned with a bright fabric. This can cover a part of your wall and is very impactful!
3.Add soft furnishings like cushions,throws,stoles,rugs and carpets to drastically change the look.
4.Use motifs and bright colors to welcome the festive season. Change the covers of Diwans and put throws on pieces u cannot change upholstery of. Modify your old zaree sarees to stoles or cushions and even a screen.
5.Change the accessories of the room to suit the festive season. Use colorful glassware, buy a new set of crockery to suit the look. Add fresh flowers and tea lights to further embellish the look for the evenings.
6.Do not follow a single color theme, be more innovative; mix, match and coordinate. Experiment with unusual color combinations. Indian Festivals give us an abandon chance to use gold, which we might not be able to use on a regular basis.



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