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The Times Of India in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki initiated the idea of the Youth Parliament which is a part of the I lead India campaign designed specifically for the literate and aspiring youth of the country who believe that they have the required potential to bring about the much awaited change in the society which has been strongly gripped by corruption and the deluge of scams, thus obscuring the much enlightened vision of progress. Also, it provides the youth the required platform to articulate their thoughts and voice their opinions without any apprehensions of being judged or having to face any criticisms. At a time when India’s optimistic purview has been shrouded with the feelings of negativity and pessimism, pervading through people’s mind, this campaign rekindles the hope for the much awaited change.
The Youth Parliament debate started on 3rd October as scheduled and after three excellent sessions concluded successfully on 8th October. The Youth representatives battled out in an open debate with some of the country’s leading policy makers and spoke as equals, thus proving to be an excellent match to their wits and knowledge. The young debaters debated on some of the country’s burning issues: Is the Indian political class failing to meet the aspirations of the country’s? Is governance the reason for India’s economic slowdown? Is India’s foreign policy not in line with global aspirations?
So, these were the three main topics for the debate and were collectively chosen to represent the current political scenario of the country. Thus, it has been felt that these important issues should be dealt meticulously in order to remove the impediment to the progress of the country.

Also, the Youth Parliament comes at an appropriate time, empowering the youth to voice their opinions effectively on the otherwise bleak future of the country. As per reports of Times OF India, it is estimated that over 65% of India’s population lies below the age of 35 but their direct contribution in the country’s decision making process is quite negligible leading the country to be led by those who should be retiring soon or should have retired lately.

This campaign has proved to be beneficial in terms of uniting the youth in their perspective of bringing about a change , triggering their already burning passions by transforming them into agents of change and thus, providing them with an opportunity to work at the grass root levels. It is also a way of addressing the youth’s anguish and anxieties regarding the decision making process of the country by promising the corrupt ridden society, a society where they would be able to live a better and meaningful life and a society where the safety of women will be highly prioritize.



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