Watch: Are Single-Sex Schools More Effective Than Co-Ed Schools?

Experts view Gender-based segregation as an unsuccessful attempt at curbing hormones. Infact, it only stunts wholesome development.

The main reason for Indian parents to prefer single-sex schools to co-ed schools is that they fear and want to avoid early ‘relationships’.

However, experts view gender-based segregation as an unsuccessful attempt at curbing hormones. In fact, it only stunts wholesome development.

Single-sex schools aren’t a viable option to avoid ‘distractions’, as our parents call it. In fact, girls through their ‘cattiness’ and boys, through their major ego issues can cause much more distractions than girls and boys being in the same school.

More often than not, an unrealistic social setup in these years causes major development issues in interpersonal skills. Schools are not only meant for academic purposes but also as a preparation for adulthood.

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Thus, girls and boys need to learn how to achieve their full potentials in a more realistic environment – in the presence of one another.

Most impressions are formed in the adolescent years. If in these years, we are presenting an environment where girls and boys are so different that they need to be educated in different setups altogether, then, we are hardly eligible to take a stand against gender inequality. In this video we take a look at how co-ed schools might be better than single-sex schools:

Sources: The News MintTimes Of India   

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