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Sharing pride to your ride with One Bike Avenue


Current youth love to ride bikes But Is your bicycle in urgent need of service?

One Bike Avenue is a unique company known for its exclusive sales of both Bicycle and Motorcycle related merchandise. It is the only company that simultaneously caters to just these two particular markets. The markets can be very different from each other but they have a lot more in common than some would think. One Bike Avenue is also unique because of its team – a passionate group of certified bike experts. The company has always carried Bike parts and accessories and has been focusing on technology products in this particular market as of late.

A privately held company, One Bike was started in 2016 by the notorious Tanvir Osman, a well- known expert at anything and everything Bike-related. Everything he touches seems to experience some level of success and this company is no exception. As usual, he’s assembled a stellar team within this company. He personally chose and groomed the current company’s CEO whose name is new to this particular market but not new to business – formerly of Caulfield Industries, David Moffett. Osman’s been more directly involved with this project it seems as he personally appointed the CFO as well, Mr. Imtiaz, who’s signed on with Osman on multiple projects throughout the years. The move makes sense as the 2 of them together have never really experienced too much failure. The company has always put a strong focus on bike accessories, in particular apparel and tools to make the riding experience more enjoyable. The company has become a unique environment where customers really feel connected with the company partly because they know their safety is genuinely cared about. Safety related products make up a good deal of the transactions at One Bike as well. This relationship customers seem to feel they have with the company makes sense as the company’s number one priority has always been for their customers to be satisfied with what they buy and to feel that their riding lifestyle has been enhanced in some way. 

Attention to detail is standard par for the course at this point with anyone that’s familiar with an Osman project. That, along with the other usual factors, such as quality over quantity and excellent customer metrics, are all here too. Long term relationships with customers has been the company’s focus and desire and it seems to be achieved successfully here. One Bike seems to have a very clear image of its target audience and uses that to their advantage. The target audience seems happy about this too so the benefits appear mutual.

One Bike Avenue seems to really know what this audience wants as well because they carry most of the most desired brands and merchandise out there in the Bike World. For example, you’ll see a rather wide variety to choose from brands like Troy Lee, POC Seats, Sena Helmets and other sought after brand names.

The company has over 200 vendors and every one of them appears to be of top quality and very desired. When we talked to the new CFO, Mr. Imtiaz, he wasn’t content with this 200+ number though. He said, “I see what we’re carrying now as just the beginning. I want to see us really grow that number in the upcoming year and at a rate much faster than the previous year.”

If you need to give new life to your bike or bike lifestyle, no matter the type you ride, you just might want to check out One Bike Avenue. It seems to have something for just about everyone that loves to ride. See ya on the road!

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