India is seeing a daily rise in the number of COVID-19 infections and people across the country have been trying their best to fight the virus.

As cases in the state of Tamil Nadu are increasing at a dangerous pace, the Chennai Railway Police decided to dance in order to raise awareness against the virus.

Enjoy Enjaami, But Do Wear Masks

The Chennai Railway Police performed at the MGR Chennai Central Railway Station on Saturday as the state recorded approximately 27,000 cases earlier that day! The police personnel ended up resorting to an innovative dance performance to raise awareness about the virus.

A video of the dance also got viral on social media.

Dressed in their uniforms and protective gear, several female police officers were seen moving with grace to the Tamil song “Enjoy Enjaami”.

They can be seen wearing masks and gloves, and the dance was aimed to raise awareness about social distancing and key prevention measures against COVID-19.

Along with the dance, a skit was also put up by the police officers, highlighting the importance of following safety precautions and wearing a mask to prevent COVID-19.

Sethu Madhavan, the assistant security commissioner of the Railway Protection Force mentioned in an interview that many awareness programmes were being conducted in different ways to catch people’s attention.

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The chosen song is also extremely popular among people but is now connoted to the awareness dance. In fact, “Enjoy Enjaami” literally translates to “enjoy, my dear” and is popular across southern states.

Kerala Police had also earlier tried to raise awareness by performing on a modified version of the song.

Do People Not Know About Prevention Methods Yet?

As the country grapples to recover from the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, a question that one thinks of quite often is that, don’t people know about the prevention measures against coronavirus yet?

The second wave has come with a new variant of the virus which is seen to be more infectious than the strain which was prevalent before. Moreover, additional symptoms that were not seen earlier are accompanied by the new strain about which people need to be made aware.

It is true that the prevention methods against the virus are almost the same even today, but many cannot avoid stepping out of the house due to their financial and economic conditions. Such acts of spreading awareness can help them consciously take care of themselves even when not at home.

The frontline workers – health workers and the police department especially, have seen an increase in their workload due to the onset of the virus. During these crucial times, letting off some steam in the form of such performances not only encouraged the viewers to act responsibly but also offered the frontline workers a stress buster.

Earlier this month, a video of medical personnel dancing to the tunes of Rasputin also went viral, as the video intended the viewers to cheer up and gain confidence to fight the virus.

Undoubtedly, the initiative taken by the Chennai and Kerala Police personnel is commendable and the positive responses towards the video are proof of the same. As the country finds a way to recover from the virus, it is little acts like these that provide some hope to those suffering.

What are your thoughts on the performances? Let us know by commenting below.

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