We never believed our moms when they said that a little cleaning up goes a long way. But we have to agree when we see this stunning image of the sea turtle hatching after the Clean Up Versova Beach Drive.

Sea Turtle Hatching

Now, the stunning beach is home to yet another amazing spectacle – the hatching of almost 80 Olive Ridley Turtles! The tiny hatchlings were spotted climbing out of their nest and hobbling toward the sea.

A Scenery Like Never Before:

It’s been almost 2 decades since the last such sighting. Although only 80 hatchlings were seen crawling to the beach, locals believe that the number may be even higher. Now that’s what I’d call a ray of hope!

Where Were These Turtles Before?

Olive Ridley sea turtles have been part of our shores for a very long time. However as the beaches started getting piled up with all kinds of human pollutants, there was a noticeable absence of these fascinating creatures.

Although it is quite possible that most of us may have not noticed their presence before, the Versova was not in a condition that was suitable to nest these sea dwellers. Clean and hygienic sands are one of the necessary conditions for their comfortable nesting.

When Efforts Pay Off:

Above all, the news of the sea turtle hatching comes as the cherry on the cake for the thousands of volunteers who with the pioneering mind of Afroz Shah (the man behind the clean-up drive) worked over a period of 3 years and went through almost 20 million kilograms of trash to restore the beach’s picturesque, natural beauty.

This is one of the many instances which goes ahead to prove that with just the right mind-set and a good serving of steadfast determination, we can bring back Mother Nature in all her glory.

If one person’s resilience can lead to something so phenomenal, imagine the magnitude of change each one of us can bring.

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Why This Is An Important Lesson:

The Versova turtle hatchings are more than just a spectacle to the eyes; it in fact goes ahead to show how well humans and wildlife can co-exist, if we all just manage to do the simple task of keeping our environments clean. We progress so long as we live in harmony with the rest of our fellow creatures.

As far as the Clean-Up Versova Drive goes, it doesn’t end with the restoration of the beach and its surroundings. Rather, this has to be seen as the beginning to a life-long commitment of maintaining that marvelous feat.

It might be true that we are the ones responsible for churning out so much waste in the first place. But like any problem, this too has a solution and luckily, we don’t have to search any further – one glance into our actions and we’ll get to know how we can pay back our dues to this wonderful planet.

Remember, every small step taken for our surroundings is a collective step taken towards the betterment of our lives on Earth. Just as how those sea turtles marched ahead into the sunlit sea, let us also march ahead for a cleaner, brighter future.

(P.S: So next time your mom asks you to clean your room, don’t make those faces; get a broom and zoom right to work!)

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Smithsonian, Hindustan Times, The Guardian

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