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Mumbai School Principal Refuses Admission To Single Parents’ Children, Especially Mothers

An Ode to age-old misogynist prejudices...


With shooting literacy rates and sky-rocketing advancements in science we gleefully conclude that India is remarkably moving towards growth and progress.

Yet there is no dearth of incidents occurring regularly which question and even nullify all these illusive “achhe din”. Society’s narrow-minded thinking which yet languishes in age-old stereotypes and rusted patriarchal frameworks is a clear testament to the futility of our nation’s “progress”.

In one such shocking incident, the principal of a well-known school bluntly denies accepting children of single parents (which in this case exclusively means mothers) into her school.

Here is the link to the enraging video.

What Exactly Happened?

Very recently, a Twitter user shared a video clip of the Principal of St Lawrence High School in Vashi, Navi Mumbai crassly saying a NO to a single mother for her child’s admission, because they are “unable to handle” such cases and “face a lot of problem with single parents”.

When the mother asks for a reason for denial of her child’s admission, the principal refuses saying, “It is not possible”. Moreover, the principal assumes a reprimanding and dominating stance, attempting emphasise the validity of her (scandalous) argument.

One tiny speck of saving grace for the principal comes from the fact that she does not at least cancel the admission of a child if his/her parents get separated after he/she is admitted.

But in her very next statement, she asserts that she ensures the fulfilment of the criteria wherein both parents need to be present at the time of admission. It is noteworthy that she actually overhears and brushes off the mother’s avowal to pay the fees herself.

Twitterati reacted fiercely to the incident.

Regressive Principles of the Principal

The school in this case is amongst the well-reputed and “good” schools of the city. Such blind discrimination and indifference of the principal not only questions the quality of her own education, but also undermines the established name and reputation of the institution she is currently heading.

It is shameful on her part to straight-away question the parent, “Kaun bola apko registration karane ko?” The lady who seeks her child’s admission in the school is very much a parent, with or without a husband and has the right to get her ward admitted as per the regulation goes.

Her refusal to take the single-parent child is also a testimony of the prevailing double standards of the society. Had it been the kid of a famous single-parent celebrity, then he/she would have been not only welcomed warmly but also would’ve been considered a pride of the school

Fortunately, the incident came to Navi Mumbai Police’s notice and they promised to take action on it.

Also, in practical terms, what exactly does the marital status of the parents have to do with the admission of the child, provided that the parent is in a position to pay for the ward’s education?

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The principal’s denial to take the child becomes all the more appalling and ironical as she is a woman who is unable to or willingly shuts her eyes to the circumstances of another woman. What woman solidarity are we talking about if one woman refuses to stand by another woman?

This brings us back to square one, what is the development we boast about when the basic mindset of people is orthodox and stuck in primitive stereotypes and prejudices?

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