When it comes to human absurdities and their incessant fear of aging and losing their beauty, it is not just limited to evil witches in fairytales or the rich people.

Apparently, that need to have everything look perfect and beautiful has now travelled over to even camels.

Yup, apparently, as reported by various news sites, 12 camels were disqualified from a beauty contest for camels held in Saudi Arabia because their owners gave them botox injections in order to enhance their pout and other features.

Believe me, I’d want nothing more than for the above lines to be nothing but hilarious fake news. However, it is not, this really did happen where humans tried to make ‘camels’ more good looking by giving them botox so that they’d win a beauty contest.

beauty pageants for camels

A Beauty Contest For Camels?

The beauty contest is not a Femina or anything but instead a part of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, where apart from camels being judged on their lips and hump there are also competitions that involve camel milk tasting and a camel race.

The total winning money that one can get from all these contests and races over the 28 days that the festival runs is a shocking $57m or 213 million riyals.

You must understand that having such a festival for the camel in a country like Saudi Arabia is not that unimaginable.

While to us it might be just another animal, according to Fawzan al-Madi, the chief judge of the show, “The camel is a symbol of Saudi Arabia,” and “we used to preserve it out of necessity, now we preserve it as a past time.”

While the country is going through a phase of change such festivals that respect and bring up, the centuries-old culture of theirs helps to remind them of the things they hold dear. According to Bedouin or a Arabic nomadic group, a camel has always come in handy, whether as a means of transport, food, companionship or more.

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But Is It Being Taken Too Far?

As per BBC, it was the son of a top Emirati breeder, Ali Al Mazrouei, who noticed that Botox was used on the camels mainly around the nose, lips and in few cases even the jaw.

This works by inflating the head and making the nose and lips look bigger than they are, which catches the attention of the judges who get impressed with these assets.

As per various news sites, a vet was found to be giving plastic surgery to camels that included Botox and also decreasing the size of their ears.

But isn’t it taking the contest far too seriously, that you would get a camel of all things Botox just so they’d win some kind of beauty contest?

It is fine respecting and admiring camels due to the cultural significance they have, but putting them through such things is inhumane in a certain way.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: BBC, The Guardian, NY Times

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