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Wake up, tag our friends on memes, eat, sleep, tag again. This is how we love to spend our time.

Among all those funny videos you watched, profiles you stalked; you never realize when you become addicts of social media; a slave of our own invention.

But worry not people, this new Anti-social media app is here to rescue you all.


This app combines the might of Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Twitter all into a single space. But at the same time, you can do literally nothing on this app. Confused already? Let me explain.

When I opened the app, this disclaimer was shown

I And And as I started using this app, the app welcomed me with a never-ending feed of ‘Binks’, similar to photos on Instagram.


Now here comes the quirk. These images are not generated by any person or some meme page, but these are mere stock photos that are loaded by the app itself.

The only setting under your control in this anti-social media app is turning the sound on or off.


I downloaded this app just last week and while using it, there was only one thought running through my mind.

Is it the same as Facebook? Is it the same as Instagram? Is it the same as Tinder? No, it was just Binky playing games with my dumb mind.


Binky has been programmed in such a way that it offers the user no control over its functioning. But at the same time, it has certain options that gives the user the illusion that it is a normal social media app.

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Fancy this for example: if you try to comment something on any Bink, it will automatically turn into hashtags making no sense at all.

Look at the picture below. Here I tried to comment ” cute and very good pic” but look what the app turned it into

Binky also offers the binks to be re-binked, a la Twitter, but the moment you will click the re-bink button, a message will pop up saying ” Do you want to re-bink this bink? This doesn’t do anything”. So, your re-bink is as good as being null and void.

And it has something in store for the people who are glued to the “swipe right, swipe left” culture of Tinder. You can swipe the binks left and right, but this again would yield no result.

Binky, to put it simply, is an absurd app. There is no one there. Nobody to see what posts you liked, there is no socializing involved at all.

It’s just you in this infinite void, being both social and anti-social at the same time.


Social media addiction is a grim reality wherein youngsters can survive without air perhaps, but not without their phones.

Binky works as a nicotine shot for all such people, addicted to the cigarette of social media.

This app is the perfect satire reflecting our current inability to do anything better than jumping from one app to the other.


It still fulfills the need of the social media dependent people to like, retweet or mindlessly scroll in its own way of course, with the catch being that there is no one to scrutinize your social media habits.

I rather find it sad that we as a generation, have to be dependent on such apps to curb our social media maneuvers. That we have lost total control on when to put a stop to our virtual dependency.


This app without any doubt is a positive step, but what happens when our GenY gets a hang of escapism provided by Binky and never realize that this escapism is a mirage and not a permanent solution.

Till then, enjoy the app and remember that man is a social animal but should refrain from being a social media animal. Cheers.

Image credits- Google Images

Source Credits- The Atlantic, Thrive Global, TechCrunch + more


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