An ardent reader of the Bhagavad Gita, Sarab Kapoor believes in divine guidance. Her spiritual  outlook towards life is what helped her through her incredible decade long journey. Her career  unfolded before her without any pre-meditation. From being a housewife who was content with  concocting interesting recipes in her kitchen, Sarab rose to stardom, with her incredibly delicious  and well-written cookbooks, successful TV series, consultancy services, and online cooking  classes, along with her lifelong love for food and cooking. She believes it was a natural and  organic process. While her hobby led her to commercial success, it is first and foremost a passion  and labor of love.  

The inevitable foray into the world of reality television found her soon enough. She became the  host of ‘Cook Love Eat With Sarab’, its spin-off ‘Cook Love Eat Bites’, and even authored a book  by the same name. This was only the beginning. Her relationship with the camera evolved, and  now she’s a world-renowned celebrity chef, hosting ‘Sarab Says, Make It Snappy’, a television  series airing on Zee TV throughout the Asia Pacific region.  

Having been born in Mumbai, Sarab settled in Singapore, after briefly living in Jakarta. She  mastered the fundamentals of Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Italian, and Middle Eastern  cuisine as well. In Sarab’s own words, ‘one thing led to another.’ She started her cooking  consultancy service and collaborated with the likes of Yo’ Panino in Indonesia, Sonnamera, and  Cold storage in Singapore. She contributed content to ‘Wine & Dine’, Singapore’s finest food and  beverage publication, along with its sister publication, ‘Today’s Parents’, where she offered fun  and healthy food options for children. She also wrote regularly for Savour and Wellness4Life, Cold  Storage in-house magazines, India Se, and Bollywood Inside. She was the first Indian-origin cook  to get her weekly TV show in Singapore. She was also the first Chef to be appointed as a culinary  consultant by prestigious Wine and Dine magazine in Singapore.

She believes that “when food is cooked with love, served with love, eaten with love, it not only  nourishes the body but also the soul”. What was a personal passion became an empire that she  nurtured with love and expertise. From being a happy homemaker a decade ago, today she has  many feathers in her hat. Her passion towards cooking drives her everyday to reach out to  unconquered territories.


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