Watch: K.R. Gouri Amma No More, A Look At The Legacy As Iron Lady Of Kerala

K.R. Gouri Amma, one of the founding leaders of the Communist movement in Kerala and the lone woman member in the state’s first cabinet, died on 11th May 2021. She was 102 and was suffering from various age-related ailments for quite some time.

Standing tall in a state battling police brutality under the colonial regime, she was fondly called Gouri Amma. Her fierce fights against the feudal systems and political vibrancy also earned her the name of ‘Iron Lady’ in Kerela.

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She was the last living member of the first Kerela Legislative Assembly, which was headed by Communist leader EMS Namboothiripad in 1957, and the only woman who did so.

Watch as we go down a trip down memory lane and showcase the legacy of a woman who defined the politics of a state for over half a century.

She has been rightly called the Iron Lady of Kerala. She is one indeed!

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