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Safety Marking Inc. of Bridgeport, CT Discusses the Importance of Highly Visible Pavement Markings


PressRelease.Network, Bridgeport, CT: Safety Marking Inc., a pacesetting leader in the pavement marking industry, breaks down the reasons why highly visible pavement markings are crucial for the traveling public.  

Safety Marking Inc. is a family-owned business and a leader in the pavement marking industry. Safety Marking’s management and employees take pride in putting the safety of the traveling public first in everything they do.  

Mark Kelly, Safety Marking Founder and President, states that the company is committed to the combined goal of safety, quality, and productivity.  

“Our goal at Safety Marking Inc. is to provide the best service and product, in the safest manner to make the roadways and airports safe for the traveling public,” said PJ Clyne, Safety Director at Safety Marking.  

Safety Marking Inc. is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service and product for many reasons, one of which includes the importance behind producing extremely visible pavement markings. When it comes to the design, construction, and implementation of practical applications for travelers on the road, pavement markings are a crucial piece.   

Pavement markings play a central role in alerting drivers to what kind of actions are legal or illegal on any residential road, commercial road, highway, driveway, and parking lot. These markings are what contribute to a safe, efficient, and effective roadway. 

Benefits to successful pavement markings include boosting safety for pedestrians and drivers and enhancing overall efficiency for parking lots and driveways. Clear and evident markings help avoid any confusion in a parking lot when drivers are trying to locate designated handicapped and family parking areas. Other perks to well-executed types of pavement markings include line-markings that assist in regulating traffic and reflective line-markings that increase visibility at nighttime. 

Producing quality pavement markings that can easily be seen by a driver’s eye are cost-effective specifically for those areas requiring the service. Maintenance of road markings result in a reduction in risk and liability issues for parking lot injuries and accidents. Companies like Safety Marking, Inc., go above and beyond to safely keep drivers on the road for more extended periods of time between line-marking maintenance. Safety Marking ensures health and safety is a priority for their team and any job site or work environment. 

“Our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) effort isn’t a once-a-week thing or even a daily thing we do on the job site… It’s an ALL-THE-TIME thing; therefore, the health and safety of our team and the preservation of our environment are fundamental parts of Safety Marking, Inc.,” said Steve Conlogue, HSE Director at Safety Marking.

About Safety Marking Inc. 

Safety Marking Inc. of Bridgeport, CT is a family-owned business founded by Mark K. Kelly in 1973 to provide pavement marking services in Fairfield County, Connecticut. After almost five decades of service and growth, Safety Marking Inc. is now a nationally respected leader in pavement markings with offices in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. The company’s success is based on premium-quality service, innovation, continuous development, and philanthropic involvement with the community.

Contact Info: 

Daniel King

255 Hancock Ave., Bridgeport, Ct 06605

(203) 814-3436

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