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Julie Mott, IKEA Product Advocate, Announces Personal Website Launch


PressRelease.Network, January 14, 2021: Interior design blogger and IKEA product advocate, Julie Mott, is pleased to announce the launch of her new personal website.  

Julie Mott, an IKEA blogger and advocate of the affordable brand, is starting the new year off with a bang as she announces the launch of her new personal website. She is excited to share the site’s modernized look with her viewers and keep fans updated on the best ways to utilize IKEA’s great prices for high-end appearing interior designs.   

Julie Mott started her career as an interior design enthusiast and blogger in Chicago, Illinois. She initially received her Bachelor’s degree in social studies from Northeastern Illinois University. However, Mott decided to change her career after the birth of her son, Alex. Taking on the role of a mother made Mott realize the importance of being present in her son’s life. A primary reason she chose her path as an interior designer is the flexibility that comes with the job, allowing her to also be a full-time mom to her now three-year-old son.  

Mott gets a lot of her inspiration and ideas from the Netherlands headquartered furniture and home furnishings brand IKEA. IKEA’s name came from the vital factors that contributed to its existence: the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, the farm on which he spent his childhood, Elmtaryd, and the nearby village to the farm, Agunnaryd. The international brand was founded in 1943 in Sweden.  

Mott also finds inspiration from interior design books and loves to spend her spare type reading and studying such resources. She said that her favorite interior designer and career motivator is Waco, Texas-based Joanna Gaines. Gaines’ “Magnolia Home” is Mott’s go-to source for brainstorming ideas for new designs.  

Combining Joanna Gaines’ style mixed with her eye for affordability has inspired Mott to create an interior design hub for moms who stay at home with their children and shop on a budget.  

As a young mother, Mott admits that she could spend hours and hours at stores like IKEA, searching for the perfect piece of home décor. A big drive she has for her work is to show anyone on a budget that through affordable brands such as IKEA, they too can turn their home into a place of welcome that exhibits charm and a pleasant atmosphere.  

For more information about Julie Mott, IKEA inspired interior designer, and her latest taste in trends, visit juliemottikeablog.com to stay updated with her most recent blogs and interior design samples. 

About Julie Mott

Julie Mott is an interior design blogger passionate about IKEA products. She graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s degree in social studies but decided to pursue a career that allowed her to be a full-time mom to her 3-year-old son. Julie aspires to create an interior design hub for stay-at-home moms who shop on a budget.

Contact Information:

Julie Mott

Julie Mott IKEA Blog


4710 N Lawndale Ave., Chicago, IL 60625



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