The woes of students this year are truly immense. As if the struggle of adjusting to online classes was not enough, and setting aside the multitude of problems that came with it, there is now the whole issue of universities and institutes holding physical exams in the middle of a pandemic.

Recently a lot of furor was raised over GGSIPU choosing to hold physical examinations. Hundreds of students called out the university for not just holding offline exams, but also their poor management of them.

Now, even the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is under fire for holding offline exams for their Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams of 2020.

Many students are claiming that this is unfair and illogical of the institute to hold this exam, and are urging ICAI to postpone exams to at least next year.

Are Students Opting Out Of Exams?

As per reports, the institute is allowing some students to opt-out of the November exams even if they have submitted their exam applications.

More than 31,000 students pursuing chartered accountancy have chosen to opt-out of the exam to be held in November.

This though is just a mere 6-7% of the whole 4.7 lakh students who have applied to sit for the CA Exams 2020.

Two-thirds of students who opted out have chosen the additional session given by ICAI in January, while the rest of the students have selected for the session in May.

However, there is not much clarity on who can select this opt-out option. As per an ICAI notification, it specified who can opt-out of the November exams, them being:

  • students who are COVID-19 positive
  • students with symptoms of COVID-19
  • students residing or currently located in containment zones
  • students who have family members who are COVID-19 positive

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However, this does not seem to have assuaged students who are actually against this opt-out option and want the institute to fully postpone exams for all the students.

There are also social media posts about how many centres for this exam are pulling out, or the institute had to change certain centres due to unknown reasons.

Students claim that the ICAI is going against the rules set by the government by holding this physical examination that will go on for 18 days. They also state that putting 400 students in examination centres could be extremely dangerous to the students.

This has now gotten to the point where #ICAI_DENIES_SAFETY #SayNoToOptout #ICAI_BE_TRANSPARENT are trending on Twitter with hundreds of students calling out ICAI for not listening to them.

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