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GGSIPU or the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has been a subject of conversation for some time now.

The biggest issue is that they are choosing to hold physical or offline exams for the final year students instead of online even during the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Now, it has come out that the date sheet to these exams were shared a mere 12 days before the exams were to be held and not only that but all exams were going to be held one after the other with no breaks in between.

What Is Happening With The GGSIPU Exams?

On 9th September, GGSIPU shared the proposed date sheet for the upcoming final year exams that were to be held.

However, students were shocked to see that not only all the exams were going to be held over a span of just 5 days, multiple exams crammed all into one day, but that they were going to start from 21st September.

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This means that students were given merely 10-11 days to prepare for one of the biggest exams of their college time.

There has been allegedly no information given for students who are not currently in town, or accommodations for them since many left their PGs and hostels during the lockdown to go back to their hometowns.

Also from social media posts and all, less than 50% of the syllabus was covered even with online classes, due to the many issues coming up because of the new status.

Students are currently in a frenzy as to how they will give daily exams with no breaks in between, travel long distance (for some students) to and from the exam centre, and the overall short time period given to students to figure all this stuff out.

There has also not been any information shared on what safety measures the university is taking for offline exams where at least more than 600 people will be present, including students, staff, invigilators, teachers and even parents who will come to pick and drop their children.

It is unclear whether students who were currently suffering from COVID-19 or if someone who has just gotten it can be exempted from the offline exams.

Till yet, no notice or circular posted online mentions that those COVID-19 positive can miss or give the exam online.

It is extremely strange that GGSIPU is choosing to hold an offline examination when in a previous circular the college had said that if they remained closed till 20th July, then online exams would be held for final year students.

However, as per students online, that notice has been removed and GGSIPU is not taking it into account anymore.

The article will be updated once more information is available on the matter.

Update: Upon hearing of this, one student reached out to me revealing how even CCS University did the same thing, giving hardly 12-13 days to prepare for exams.

They also shed light on their own experience of giving an offline exam, stating how there was barely any police supervision and practically no social distancing outside the exam hall, with people crammed in together.

A final year IPU student from Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology & Management college also reached out with more information regarding these exams. They revealed that:

“So the notice regarding the datesheet although dated 8th Sept was uploaded on 9th September, in that notice they said that the PROPOSED datesheet will be uploaded on 11th. The datesheet was uploaded on the 12th, which gave us in total 9 days to prep rather than 12. (By prep here I mean to organize and prioritise subjects based on the date they are being held) and yes we rarely had online classes (maybe for a week or so) some of the classes were good (considering the time and everything) in one class they just played a YouTube video for the topic.”

They also said that while symptomatic students don’t have to give the exam, there is no provision given for them as an alternative and asymptomatic students have to attend the exam.

They also shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp forward sent on their students group, reportedly sent by the teachers. In it, they stated the extreme hypocrisy of the college who said they had an ‘online meeting’ to discuss the exam guidelines.

The message also stated that while the students have to attempt only 3 questions of 25 marks each, there’s no reduction in the syllabus and no time in between to prep fully.

And while the university has given a time slot of 2 hours instead of 2 and a half hours, but there has been no news regarding the syllabus.

They also said, “they (the university) have given slots no COVID guidelines so far” and that “exam centers are home centers.”

From this, we can clearly see the extremely stressed out place that these students are in and how they are not getting any clarity or answers they deserve.

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Sources: India Today, GGSIPU

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