In an attempt to make the digitalized world the new normal, Delhi University has played its role and started the new ‘all online semester‘. From the first week of August, many colleges of Delhi University (DU) have started their regular online classes for the new semester. From fees deposition to assignments, it’s all done only on a digital platform.

Final year students are also appearing for their online examinations. Despite massive criticism and objection by the students, DU chose to be its arrogant self by impertinently holding online exams from the second week of August. 

New Challenges Piled Up With Previous Ones

Ever since the start of online classes, the students have been facing the same complications that they faced in the previous semester.

Connectivity issues, absence of reading material, inadequate environment, lack of equipment, low motivation, and distress of not being able to attend regular college has hindered our way of education.

Well, the above-mentioned issues have now become elementary. The students who are able to join online classes have their own setbacks that are making these classes unbearable.

First of all, the new timetable that has been assigned to the students is just torturous. The students are struggling hard to adapt to this new schedule of reckless classes from morning to evening.

It is important to create a realm of college where you have a group of people to hang out with after rigorous classes. Those breaks always give the vitality to attend the next lecture. Here, the most you can do is walk to the kitchen and grab some snacks for the next class, that’s it.

Online classes are not only annoying but sometimes they get unbearable when the teacher starts talking like a robot (probably due to poor connectivity), and when your parents and siblings keep peeking into your room. This phase is more onerous for introverts and camera-shy people. If you know, you know.

But, the most difficult task is to prevent yourself from being drained after relentless hours of online classes. Students need to spend an average of 5-6 hours in front of screens which is not only exhaustive but also has adverse effects on our health.

Excessive exposure to screens can easily cause headaches, strain in the eyes, and even numbness.

However, teachers and professors are trying to create the best environment possible and helping the students in abating the stress and anxiety.

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Memes To Follow The Current Situation Of DU Students

After knowing the reality of virtual classes, students are now impatiently waiting for the colleges to open as soon as possible.

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