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Now A Robot Will Make Your Rotis Based On The Thickness & Diameter You Want


The main concern for any Indian mother, in any part of the world, is to be able, and make able her children to make well roasted and round rotis. Everything else in this world is secondary when compared to round rotis, and in the current times, they are close to being a myth.

The struggle to roll round rotis of the right thickness is real, and almost everybody identifies themselves with it. Practice does make a man perfect, but who has the time to practice their rotis?

The founders of Zimplistic, a Singapore-based company identified this grave issue and decided to address it. They have created a machine that not only kneads the dough but also rolls out well roasted round rotis.

Introducing Rotimatic

With Rotimatic hitting the market, rotis shaped like the world map will be a thing of the past!

This simple, yet heavy device (18kg) allows the user to make rotis according to their requirements– the number of rotis, the thickness and even the diameter of the roti can be specified. The robot has the ability to produce 20 rotis in one go.


The device is designed primarily for home-based usage; hence, comes in with a very simple user interface, and most importantly easy cleaning techniques.

All the removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the cleaning mode on the Rotimatic allows the use of a moist cloth to clean the device.

The Working

Rotimatic is designed to save time and energy that goes in to make the perfect roti. It provides separate compartments for the user to add flour, water, and oil.

Once added, the thickness and the number of rotis can be specified. Rotimatic will then go on to knead the dough and roll out a well-roasted roti every 1.8minutes. The average power consumption of the Rotimatic is 1.6kW – 1.8kW.


An interesting thing about the Rotimatic is that it has the ability to make flavoured rotis – this means that dry ingredients like chilli powder, turmeric etc; can be added to the flour.

However, the Rotimatic is not designed to make parathas, implying that ingredients like cheese and vegetables cannot be added.

Price and Availability

Rotimatic is currently available only in the US and Singapore, though the company does intend to start supplies in India pretty soon. Its first pre-order batch which cost $599 is sold out; future orders are expected to be priced at around $999.

The retail price is decided based on logistics and the local taxes. It is speculated that Rotimatic will cost comparatively lower if released in India.

For a machine that makes only wheat-flour based rotis, the Rotimatic is a little too pricey. It is surprising to note that the product has thrived, especially for the price at which it comes. The company will have to develop on its features before it releases Rotimatic in India.

The product will succeed in the Indian market if and only if it offers a wide use of ingredients, including flour types and use of spice leaves. The price will also have to be worked well, in order to satisfy the Indian customer.

For a country that is very particular about its ‘flat bread’, Rotimatic is a very simplistic and ideal product, yet its weight, usability options and most importantly its price seem as a major setback. The product needs to offer a lot more variance in its usage capabilities, in order to attract the Indian market.

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