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Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Fighting COVID-19


We all are home bound from almost two-months and there does not seem to be a way out from this till we get a vaccine or the rate of increase of infected person gets reduced. COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic and with no other option government had to impose a strict lockdown which has an adverse effect on those earning just for living or earning bare minimum.

On the other side it affected the normal functioning of court, corporate houses, real estate and largely the economy. However, what is making thing easy is internet and use of technique called Artificial Intelligence.

AI courses

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of science which helps machines to learn from experience and perform tasks which requires human intervention. It is done by processing the large amount data that is in the system and recognizing its pattern of use. AI accompanied with machine learning helps corporate houses, organizations, government agencies to leverage or pull data that are huge in number or cannot be done or identified by a single person, allowing to deliver accurate service, foresee critical situations and events, know about the fraudulent transactions, etc. This technique has made life during lockdown easy and simple and is helping the agencies and different government bodies to tackle the pandemic.

Artificial intelligence tools helping during lockdown

Temperature Scanner

Thermal scanner is powered by AI and is helping people at their store, office and other places to check the temperature of people. Those with high temperature are not allowed to enter any public place or meet people and in case of serious situation are sent for testing. WHO guidelines on COVID-19 was released to combat the increase of virus and keep us safe and healthy.

Staqu, which is a startup on AI came up with the thermal scanner which is a contactless method of checking the temperature of person without any actual contact and can inform the authority when they are suspicious of the virus.

Camera with crowd control technology

L&T with the use of AI came up with AI-based cameras that will give alert to police authorities wherever there is a gathering of more than 5 people or violation of lockdown. Cameras were made after deep learning of crowd related information which gives a real time alert to combat COVID-19.

It is installed in around 20 cities and is helping the administration to monitor people who are quarantined, managing lockdown and maintaining law & order.

Virtual health care

Different organizations are taking different steps to monitor the health of people while they are at home. Arogya Setu is one such app where AI has helped it to have natural language processing method for the app to monitor health care, measures required to be taken to reduce the scope of getting infected, and in case of critical situation collect samples from your home and inform as soon as possible.

Managing online essential buying

AI has helped e-commerce companies in giving them insights into the needs of their customers which helps is sending more personalized feed. For those looking for buying essentials and can’t find it a nearby store generally Google it and check for availability.

Not just during lockdown but also post-lockdown when slowly people would shift to opening up the store and offices, AI would help to manage social-distancing, schedule a meeting, install cameras and triggers for places that are in cluster and much more.

For those working in a software company or are doing more of data related work would be expected to have a grasp and understanding of AI.

Inventateq, a software training institute in the wake of COVID-19 has switched to online classes of all its courses to practice social distancing and at the same time not compromise on the lectures.

For those who are looking for some online certificate courses or lectures to beat the boredom may join Data Science training and train themselves for post-lockdown situations.

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